Where are the Catholics?

Fr Z with a searching post:

I am sure you have heard that on Sundays the largest Catholic congregations are actually at fundamentalist mega-churches.

I saw this on Catholic Culture:

Roughly one-fifth of the Catholics in the US are not associated with a parish, a new study has found.

While there are about 75 million Catholics in the US, “fewer than 60 million are associated with a specific Catholic church,” reports Clifford Grammich of the Glenmary Research Center. Thus at least 15 million people who identify themselves as Catholic but not with any parish.

The Glenmary study found that drop of 3.1 million in the Catholic population since the 2000 census. There are now 58.9 million Catholics registered in 20,589 parish congregations. The number of congregations, like the number of registered Catholics, has dropped by about 5% since 2000.

If you are reading Catholic blogs, you are more than likely dedicated to your Catholic faith and identity, or you are trying to be more dedicated.  One of the most urgent dedicated and practicing Catholics need to do right now – whether their parish priests or bishops have a program to help them or not – is to do concrete things to help fallen-away or non- practicing Catholics back into the fold.

We all know people who are not practicing their faith or who have drifted into some nearly doctrineless sect.



2 thoughts on “Where are the Catholics?

  1. There is a discrepancy with other figures (including the Church’s one) that find on the contrary a substantial augmentation of the number of Catholics in the US.
    + PAX et BONUM

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