The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter Now Boasts 11 Communities

Following hot on the heels of the 21 names of candidates for Ordination to the Priesthood in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham (UK), we have across the pond:

The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter (North American) now boasts 11 Communities.

The web site of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter now lists 11 member communities. With this new juridical status and the upcoming diaconal and priestly ordinations and incardinations, the Ordinariate will move beyond the drawing board into a flesh & blood reality…

Here is the list of Communities in the Ordinariate:

Our Lady of  Walsingham, Houston,
TX Mount Calvary, Baltimore,
MD Saint Luke’s, Bladensburg,
MD Saint Timothy, Fort Worth, TX
Saint Peter the Rock, Fort Worth, TX
Saint Michael the Archangel, Philadelphia, PA
St. Joseph of Aramathea, Indianapolis, IN
St. John’s, Calgary, Alberta
Sodality of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ottawa, Ontario
St. Anselm’s, Greenville, SC
St. Thomas More, Scranton, PA

Current instructions for individuals and/or communities expressing interest in the Ordinariate are contained within Msgr. Steenson’s Pastoral Letter of January 31, 2012.



11 thoughts on “The Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter Now Boasts 11 Communities

  1. Your blog was the very first mention I have seen of the number of men who are re-studying for the priesthood. I seldom keep track, as I am in an eternal period of anxiety about the Ordinariate. I am an Anglican priest and applied for admission about a year ago. Each day I check the “daily disappointment” at the mailbox and have not yet been let down.

    1. We sympathize with your anxiety, as some of us know what it feels to wait and wait. Our prayers are with you. Keep the faith! Your will be rewarded for that, if not here, for sure in Heaven.
      + PAX et BONUM

  2. Here an updated list with the group this Priest will most probably join and their church body of origin:

    Priests from: (intended group)

    The Church of England:
    The Reverend Osmond Aisbitt (Ulverston)
    The Reverend Nicholas Aldritt (Northampton)
    The Reverend Ken Berry (London Croydon)
    The Reverend David Boundy (Salisbury)
    The Reverend Chris Cann (Derby)
    The Reverend John Corbyn (Harlow)
    The Reverend Brian Copus (Bournemouth)
    The Reverend Paul Gibbons (Maidstone)
    The Reverend Alan Griffin (London -)
    The Reverend Ian Grieves (Darlington)
    The Reverend William Gull (Nottingham)
    The Reverend John Hunwicke (Oxford)
    The Reverend Donald Minchew (London Croydon)
    The Reverend Masaki Narusawa (Bispham)
    The Reverend Anthony Reader-Moore (Northampton)
    The Reverend David Stafford (Yorkshire)
    The Reverend Ivan Weston (St Ives & Cambridgeshire)

    The Traditional Anglican Church:
    The Reverend Brian Gill (Presteigne, Wales)
    The Reverend Robert Mercer (Portsmouth)
    The Reverend John Maunder (Portsmouth)

    The Charismatic Episcopal Church
    The Reverend Franklin Watts (Ipswich)

    The Scottish Episcopal Church:
    The Reverend Stanley Bennie (Stornoway, Scotland)

    The Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham:
    The Reverend James Bradley (London Balham)
    The Reverend Daniel Lloyd (Oxford)

    Total 2012: 23

    1. Oops, that was intended to go with the names of the soon-to-be new priests of the ordinariate of OLW.

      1. Just for clarity’s sake; Fr Mercer was ordained in March. He is currently caring for Fr Maunder’s congregation in St Agatha’s, Portsmouth.

      2. conchurl, I think that what Don Henri has carefully listed (many thanks for that!) is all ordinations in 2012, whether done or pending, as these two OLW ‘own’ priests have been already ordained as well.

        BTW, the ordination of that former CEC priest is really interesting as an indication that Ordinariates have adopted a rather inclusive approach in admitting candidates from even ‘thinly’ Anglican backgrounds (officially, CEC says that they are not Anglican at all, ‘Episcopal’ meaning simply that they are not congregationalists). Across the pond, the same policy seems to be in place with the inclusion of Randy Sly from the very same church in the first group tele-studying for priesthood.

      3. Yes, I was aware of the inclusion of Randy Sly. In fact I believe there is a former REC clergyman in formation too.

  3. Seems the list of communities is updated on a constant basis, as there are now 12 listed, St. John Vianney Fellowship: Cleburne/Granbury, Texas being the latest addition.

    1. Randy Sly has been a Roman Catholic for a number of years… formerly an archbishop in the CEC I believe.

      1. He was indeed an archbishop in the CEC. He’s an associate editor of Catholic Online nowadays.

  4. Interestingly, two more communities have been added to the list quite recently.
    Fellowship of St. Alban: Rochester, NY
    Society of St. Gregory the Great: Mobile, AL
    I did not even know that anything like the first one existed in NY.
    Seems that only a fraction of what is happening in and around the CSP Ordinariate gets to the public (as their website is rather modestly updated).

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