Bishop Harry Entwistle (TAC) to be Ordained to the Catholic Priesthood

And so it begins in Australia:

Upcoming Ordinariate Ordinations

You may recall that Archbishop Hart announced that the Australian Ordinariate for former Anglicans would commence on June 15.

Well here is something to make that a bit more concrete.  I’ve been told that Bishop Harry Entwistle of the Traditional Anglican Communion will be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood at 7.00 pm on Friday 15 June 2012 at St Mary’s Cathedral Perth – ie the “start date” of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross.  Also, members of his TAC flock will be received into the Catholic Church.

So Perthites, please do make a note in your diaries, and show them your support!

And if you know of upcoming ordinations/receptions into the Church elsewhere, please do let me know and I’ll publicize them too!

Please keep all concerned in your prayers.


13 thoughts on “Bishop Harry Entwistle (TAC) to be Ordained to the Catholic Priesthood

  1. Axios! It’s a safe bet that he will probably be the ordinary, as Bishop Robarts is too old, and the former Anglican Bishop of The Murray has publicly stated many times his choice of simply becoming a Catholic layman. Also, the similarities with the English procedure, where Mgr. Newton was ordained the same day the ordinariate was erected, bode well for him.
    Indeed, one reminds his interview about the Ordinariate in a newspaper that was almost a full program of how it will unfolds, and where he compared the ordinary’s mission to an abbot’s in the early Celtic Church…. Probably prophetic of a higher calling (can someone find it? I’m sure it was online).
    But will the principal church be in Perth? That would be strange, as most of the groups are in Eastern Australia, and the TAC’s St Ninian and Chad’s church there is apparently small.

    + PAX et BONUM

    1. Bp Entwhistle was vicar of an Anglican inner Perth parish for many years until retirement. During his incumbency he was said to be a vocal supporter of “WO”. If true, apparently he has now had second thoughts about that. With respect to We wish him well. St Ninian’s Maylands, although not exactly central or large would probably be satisfactory as an interim measure

  2. Many people used to complain about long silence about the Austrialian Ordinariate, whereas it turns out that piles of work have already been done without much publicity (though those who are most concerned were clearly involved).
    This seems like a very Christian model of how the Church should work: without making a big fuss in the media yet very effectively.
    BTW, +Elliot in the Newletter no. 4 (Julian, great thanks for the link!) seems to indicate that there will be a separate ordinariate for Torres Strait islands after all.

    1. No, it indicates that one has been requested, and this request has been forwarded. Like + Hepworth’s request for reinstatement. Sometimes the answer is “No”.

      1. True, but Fr Barnier said back in April that he was hopeful a seperate Ordianrtiate will be established for the Torres Strait. He said the main difficulty was with regards to clergy education and training but that the Catholic Church was being very supportive.

    2. This long silence hides the same difficulties the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada went through very publicly in the last 2 years: Entire parishes and a Bishop departing for other denominations (I know of one in Hobart, and another one near Perth), schisms and excomunications, psychologial pressure and harsh campaigning denigrating the ordinariate by those opposing it, internal difficulties, the Hepworth case, those who weren’t able to wait, and therefore get reconciled on their own (including at least one Priest)… 14 Priests and as many parishes are currently listed as part of the ACCA in the official online directory. I recall it used to be somewhat more.
      The ACCA as an ecclesial community experienced too its “dying grain of wheat moment” (as I like to put it) even if not much was public on the blogosphere about it.
      “But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit!”

      1. Presumably, as in Canada, there will be virtually no takers among mainstream Anglicans. if the ACCA is in such disarray, where are the 700 to come from?

      2. You are wrong EPMS… Forward in Faith Australia (part of the Canterbury Church) is a rather big organization, with about 20 big parishes (, and has corporately asked for an ordinariate to be established in Australia conjointly with the ACCA/TAC in the same petition (this alluded to here : Anyway they are already somewhat under the jurisdiction of +Robarts and + Entwistle who have acted as episcopal visitors for them after the ACofA decided to ordain bishopesses. Furthermore, + Robarts is the national chairman of FiF Australia.
        + PAX et BONUM

  3. Following the suggested links, the second was almost two years old, the first seemed to list only ten parishes, if we count the multiple parishes led by the Rev’d Mr. Seabrooke as one.

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