The Alcoholic Monk

Once on Mount Athos there was a monk who lived in Karyes. He drank and got drunk every day and was the cause of scandal to the pilgrims. Eventually he died and this relieved some of the faithful who went on to tell Elder Paisios that they were delighted that this huge problem was finally…

What Happens After Death

A unique video explores what happens after death: This YouTube video presents many of the common theories in different religions as to what exactly happens to us after we die. They note that death is something that we can’t avoid but there are ways to prepare yourself.  

Ordinariate #NewEvangConf

The Ordinariate folk are having their New Evangelisation Conference today and are making full use of social media by posting regular updates on Twitter as things unfold. You can follow along here. Some interesting stuff.

Recovered: Priest’s $6,000 Stolen Chalice

 The Deacon’s Bench: But in so many ways, it’s not something you can put a price on. Details, from the St. Louis Review: When he was ordained to the priesthood four years ago, Father Noah Waldman took some of the money he had saved over the years and bought himself his first chalice. The handmade…