A Catholic Priest: ‘I will avoid the Ordinariate like the plague’

Some very harsh words by a Catholic Priest – “in good standing” – so far!

I have decided to sever all connection with the Ordinariate.

Earlier today I had a call from its communication officer threatening to report me to my Archdiocese over comments I made on Father Ray Blake’s blog when I declined to give the names and details of those who had contacted me.

I told him to go ahead and report me. Frankly I do not like being threatened and am too old to allow myself to be bullied. I am now refusing to have anything to do with  the Ordinariate until it and the Bishops get their act together on the role and authority of Ordinariate priests in diocesan parishes.

He then comments on his own post:

Thank you to those who have sent comments. I am sure, or at least hopeful , that the Ordinariate will eventually be what the Pope’s holy decision meant it to be, without longstanding lay Catholics being made to feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in their own parish churches. (I know of three such parishes.) However until that time I will avoid it like the plague*. My decision to sever all links with the Ordinariate means I will not comment or publish any comments on anything to do with the Ordinariate. * I may, when I find it less stressful, publish another post on “Why I moved from welcoming and supporting the Ordinariate”

He seems so full of resentment…

Just look at the comments he made on Fr Ray Blake’s blog here, where he claims that a Priest of the Ordinariate has introduced the CofE’s Eucharistic liturgy into a Catholic parish. It’s hard to believe how much opposition is being faced by the Ordinariate pioneers.