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The question is looked at by Fr Dwight Longenecker:

One of the jokes when I was a member of the Church of England was that “C of E” stood for: “Church of Everybody”. It was an ambiguous joke–on the one hand poking the C of E for being such a rubbery kind of institution that it stood for nothing and therefore fell for anything…

The jam in which the C of E finds itself calls into question the whole notion of a “Church of Everybody”. Certainly such an ideal was noble and good when virtually the whole population were baptized believers at least in some sense. Now, in a multicultural and increasingly atheistic and secular society the Church of England should adopt another model. Like the Catholic church, the Church of England will be seen as a small band of Christian believers–out of step with the secular society and even persecuted by the secular society. If this is the way things develop it might be the best thing that ever happened to the C of E…

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