Ordinariate Returns £1m Grant to Charity after Ruling

Oh dear.

The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has returned a £1 million grant to an Anglo-Catholic charity after the Charity Commission ruled that it was invalid.

The Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament, founded in 1862, gave the money a year ago to ensure that the ordinariate’s priests would not be left penniless. It represented almost half of the charity’s assets.

The Charity Commission, however, said the grant was invalid because most of the trustees who agreed to it had a “personal financial interest” in it. Five out of six of its trustees had already been ordained as priests in the ordinariate.

The commission also ruled that there was “substantial doubt” over whether use of the money would be consistent with the charity’s objects – ”the advancement of the Catholic faith in the Anglican tradition”.

The ruling contradicts the advice lawyers gave to the charity before it approved the grant.

The Charity Commission concluded: “We have been informed that the grant has been returned in full (with interest) by the ordinariate of its own volition.”

The Confraternity has about 120 priest members in England and 1,500 worldwide. It was founded by the Rev T T Carter, a prominent Anglo-Catholic.

UPDATE:   Statement

A grant of funds from the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament to the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has been returned.

The grant was awarded by the Trustees of the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament following extensive legal advice in 2011.

Subsequently the grant was challenged and, as the result of an investigation by the Charity Commissioners, the Ordinariate has returned the funds of its own volition.

Until the conclusion of the investigative process undertaken by the Charity Commissioners, the charitable aims of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham precluded the return of the funds.

It is deeply regrettable that this generous benefaction is to be returned, but our sincere hope is that the conclusion of the legal process regarding this grant may now lay this issue to rest.


Note: No further comment will be made regarding this statement. For specific enquiries or clarifications, please contact the Communications Officer.

Bible Archaeology

Leeches Invade Sea of Galilee

Sad news this.

From Haaretz:

Leeches have invaded Lake Kinneret’s [the Sea of Galilee’s] shores – for the second time in seven years.

Standing in the water for as little as two minutes will cause your legs to be covered in hundreds of leeches. These particular types are not blood-suckers, making them relatively easy to remove once one is out of the water.

They are found on the lakebed, at depths of 0.5 to one meter, at two spots over the last few days: near the Sapir visitors center and along the western coastline. They live off snails and other invertebrates.

The leeches first overran the shores of the lake seven years ago.

Four types of leeches are known to live in the Kinneret, but they are usually present only in small numbers. This year, however, huge quantities have been detected.

The rest of the story suggests some explanations, including human activity and the rapidly changing water level.

Clouds over Sea of Galilee, tb102904607

Sea of Galilee


Confusion in Australia (ACCA – TAC)

Perhaps someone can help this genuine enquirer?

The Acting Primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion, according to his most recent Ad Clerum, mentioned a Tribunal to investigate the serious allegations against John Hepworth and/or Cheryl Woodman of financial mismanagement/ irregularities/fraud/theft within the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia. Who are the members of this Tribunal, and what are its findings? Is Peter Slipper involved/implicated – as Chancellor? What is the current status/title/role of these three people in ACCA/TAC?

Authority/responsibility for the Anglican Catholic Church in Australia was given by the Acting Primate to David Robarts and Owen Buckton. What part (if any!) will these men have in the ‘purported’ Synod  next week? Where is to be held?

This is not the first enquiry received in this regard and people are now really wanting to know just what is going on Down Under.



Fr John Hunwicke Ordained in Oxford

Fr Christopher George Phillips reports:

 It’s with great joy and thanksgiving that we receive the news of the priestly ordination of Fr. John Hunwicke for service in the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.  Fr. Hunwicke was a guest of our parish this past year, and he is one of the truly great priests coming into full Catholic communion from Anglicanism.

As is noted on his blog, Fr. Hunwicke “was for nearly three decades at Lancing College; where he taught Latin and Greek language and literature, was Head of Theology, and Assistant Chaplain. He has served three curacies, been a Parish Priest, and Senior Research Fellow at Pusey House in Oxford.”

And now, a Catholic priest in full communion with the Holy See!

Photos from Fr John Hunwicke’s Ordination to the Sacred Priesthood are here.