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The Other Side…

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600 Million – Half of India’s Population – Without Power

As India’s power grid collapses. The Wall Street Journal: A massive power failure hit India’s north, east and northeast regions Tuesday, forcing offices and factories to shift to emergency generators and raising more questions about the state of infrastructure in … Continue reading

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Seal Depicting Samson Discovered?

A small stone seal found during the recent excavations at  Tel Beit Shemesh could (!) be the first archaeological evidence of the story of the Biblical Samson. Bible Places: Some scholars are suggesting that the depiction on a seal found in … Continue reading

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Church of the Incarnation (ACA/TAC) to be Received into the Ordinariate

The announcement has just been made on The Anglo-Catholic: It is my great honour and privilege to be able to announce, on behalf of the parish, that the Church of the Incarnation (formerly Cathedral of the Diocese of the Eastern United … Continue reading

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On Msgr Jeffery Steenson and The Anglo-Catholic

Writes Deborah Gyapong on her own blog: it is time for me to take another hiaitus from the Anglo-Catholic blog as the moderator seems to be taking an editorial stance that makes me uncomfortable. Our experience of Msgr. Jeffrey Steenson in … Continue reading

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The Liturgy of the Ordinariate and the Latin Mass

In response to certain questions that have been asked about the use of the Latin Mass in its Extraordinary Form in the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, Monsignor Jeffrey N. Steenson, Ordinary, issued this statement: “We rejoice … Continue reading

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Three Ages of the Interior Life in Relation to the Jewish Temple

Dr Taylor Marshall: The great saints and masters of the mystical life in the Catholic tradition often speak of the three ages of the spiritual life. These stages correspond to the three areas of Solomon’s Temple: 1) Purgative (outer court) … Continue reading

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Prayer Request

I was asked to post this prayer on the blog. Brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to ask for prayers for the Anglican Ordinariate here in the U.S. Based on the discussions at the AngloCatholic website and elsewhere, it’s … Continue reading

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St Mary of the Angels Priest Faces Ecclesiastical Trial by ACA

Breaking news – on SUNDAY – just out over at Virtue Online. On second thought: You can read about it there. Very sad the way things are going over there…  

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Biblical Archaeological Discoveries

A useful list.  

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