Anglican Use in Canada

Renegade Trads:

I went to the Anglican Use liturgy in Toronto today, associated with the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter.

I have some shots from the booklet they use that I think are interesting:


The visit is described in more detail with some other good prayer book pics here.



2 thoughts on “Anglican Use in Canada

  1. Renegade Trads, is an interesting blog (Roman Catholic layman I presume?), perhaps our friend Ioannes should read here?

    I find it myself, almost, out the box or bounds for Roman Catholic liturgist’s to touch the BCP!

  2. It would be interesting to know how the writer learned about the service at Sacre Coeur. He or she does not seem to be very familiar with the Ordinariate project. The low attendance, which is remarked on twice, suggests that some marketing analysis is needed. The Renegade Trads website describes the contributors as “individualist,” free-thinking,” and “psychosexually integrated,” surely the very sort of people to whom the Toronto Ordinariate Group should be reaching out. It is unfortunate that the coffee hour seemed a little too threatening for the poster.

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