Anglican Priest Joins Atheists Calling for End to Bible Study in School

In New Zealand:

Rev. Clay Nelson wants to put a stop to Bible study in schools because it violates the students’ human right to “freedom of religion”.

From here:

An Anglican leader is urging state schools to ditch the Bible in Schools programme as he believes it is trying to create a loophole around the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

St Matthew in the City Reverend Clay Nelson has joined the atheist run-Secular Education Network in a bid to get the religious education programme out of the country’s primary and secondary schools.

Nelson said the programme is an imposition on the human rights of children as it restricts the freedom of other religions which is protected under the Bill of Rights.

“The biggest reason is the issue of human rights,” Nelson told TV ONE’s Breakfast.

“We believe in freedom of religion and to have Bibles in public schools is in an imposition on the religious freedom of others. To have religious freedom you have to have freedom from the religion of others.”

In the video below Clay declares that he is a “non-theist”, doesn’t believe in the divinity of Jesus and doesn’t believe any of the historic creeds; his faith, he says, thrives on “uncertainty”.

Oddly enough, he still insists on calling himself a Christian; nevertheless, as Kierkegaard pointed out, it doesn’t matter how many times you call a cow a horse – it remains a cow.

See, it’s next to impossible to remain, in good conscience, an Anglican. Pretty soon, it’ll be like saying you’re a non-Christian: One and the same thing.


2 thoughts on “Anglican Priest Joins Atheists Calling for End to Bible Study in School

  1. Nothing is impossible in Liberal Anglican territory in NZ. I am talking from experience.
    Saint Matthews in Auckland is one of the most contraversy and liberal parishes in
    the country.Quite frankly glad to be away from it.
    Revd.Father Ed Bakker

  2. WHAT!? …..WHAT!?

    This is the shepherds who invite wolves in for a nice discussion about dinner.

    Behold, they will first overcome the weak, comfortable, liberalized ones. Then, they’ll come for us. We better get ready, because we are already at war, and these collaborators…. They make me sad, really.

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