Fr Jurgen Liias and the Anglican Ordinariate

Summary of today’s show: In January 2012, Pope Benedict XVI created an ordinariate for North America as a way to welcome former Anglicans, their priests, and their parishes into communion with the Catholic Church. On the North Shore of Massachusetts, a group of former Episcopalians is preparing to do just that with their priest, Fr. Jurgen Liias. Scot Landry talks with Fr. Liias and Fr. David Barnes, pastor of St. Mary Star of the Sea in Beverly, about Fr. Liias’ spiritual journey and what the new ordinariate means for resolving the rift in Christianity caused by the Protestant Reformation and Henry VIII.

Listen (mp3) here or download it here.

Fr Jurgen Liias has a blog here.


One thought on “Fr Jurgen Liias and the Anglican Ordinariate

  1. Once again seems that much more is happening than we ever know from shreds of information that sometimes emerge somewhere on the web (thank you once again, father, for tirelessly finding them for us). It really seems that the Ordinariate has made the transition much easier (or built a bridge across the Tiber, so you do not have to swim anymore, as someone splendidly said).
    One of the interesting points Fr Liias has made is that at the end it is more about pneumology than ecclesiology. BTW, I think that is precisely what SSPX is missing: that the Church as a whole is really guided by the Holy Spirit, including SVII. Although their ecclessiology seems pretty Catholic, their pneumology is somewhat “underrated”.

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