Prayer Request

I was asked to post this prayer on the blog.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, I would like to ask for prayers for the Anglican Ordinariate here in the U.S. Based on the discussions at the AngloCatholic website and elsewhere, it’s going through some tough times as it is being organized, and the Enemy is sowing suspicion and doubt everywhere in an effort to kill the venture in the cradle.

It’s time for us Roman Catholics to storm heaven in prayer for our Anglo-Catholic brethren.

And if you’d like, please post an encouraging word or two of public support and encouragement of these dear souls, so beloved of God, who have risked so much and stepped out into the unknown to end almost 500 years of schism and fulfill the Pontifical mission of Anglicanorum Coetibus.

“This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” -John 13:34-35


7 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. The communities and individuals already part of, or on the way to joining, the Personal Ordinate of the Chair of St Peter are in my daily thoughts and prayers. Don’t be blown off course or down-hearted, your courage and bravery are an example to us all.
    For every brickbat, there is a bouquet. May Our Blessed Mother’s prayers bring you strength joy and peace and may God bless and keep you now and always.

  2. In the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Spirit, Our Blessed Mother, The Angels and Saints, Bless this undertaking, that one day we may all be One. Amen.

  3. Let us commend to all involved the example of St Mary McKillop, who greatly suffered in the Church, but yet never uttered a word of complaint or of mistrust toward her Bishop.
    In the actual situation of a cabal beeing set up by influent bloggers against Mgr. Steenson (because everything didn’t went the way they wanted it to go, and those people are immensely proud), prayers are needed even more than before the actual erection of the ordinariate.
    I’ll pray for the ordinariates at the feet of Ste Anne in her sanctuary in Auray, France.

    + PAX et BONUM

  4. Each morning I pray for the ordinariates in the USA as well those in England and Australia and will continue to do so.

  5. Prayers and Blessings always for this Holy endeavor! You are a courageous Witness and renewed Inspiration for us cradle Catholics…while we’ve been fed the Faith with a silver spoon, you shimmer like a silver lining surrounding this Ordinariate cloud of Unknowing!

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