Rabbi in Germany Prosecuted for Performing Circumcisions

I saw this over at First Thoughts:

The entire Catholic community—in Germany and throughout the world—must stand with Rabbi Goldberg and speak out against his prosecution for performing circumcisions of male infants in compliance with their parents’ wishes and Jewish law.  The threats to religious liberties and to religious people whose beliefs and practices are regarded as intolerable by those who preach the supreme importance of tolerance know no borders.



7 thoughts on “Rabbi in Germany Prosecuted for Performing Circumcisions

  1. Amen, all real Christians simply must stand with the Jewish people on this great subject! And Jesus stood in submission to the surgical rite of the removal of the foreskin, as prescribed in the OT law (Lk 2: 21-24 / Rom. 15: 8)

  2. This is ridiculous! In this day and age for a presumably modern country like Germany to have a law that forbids a child to be circumcised. Now, I live in the USA and we have plenty of ridiculous laws here but I am truly shocked to read this. I will pray that the Rabbi is not punished and if there is a defense fund for the Rabbi if someone would let me know I would be glad to contribute.

    1. Germany has no such law.
      An appeals court in Cologne recently ruled that infant circumcision is a form of bodily harm. But this is the opinion of ONE court.
      The current case involves a doctor filing criminal charges against a rabbi who advertises his circumcising via the internet. The distric attorney is currently investigating as it is obliged to do.
      The immediate reaction from the German justice ministry was a statement that a new law regularising male infant circumcision for religious reasons is being prepared rapidly. Circumcision of male children also involves the large numbers of Moslems living in Germany and so a law making this religious ritual completely legal is a priority.

  3. Are they prosecuting Muslims for circumcising their boys at whatever age? I would have thought Germany would have known better. This is finishing what Hitler started. I finally got over being ashamed of being 80% German thanks to Pope Benedict and now I am ashamed again!

    1. This is a move on the part of the Left, I suspect. From fear of Hitler’s legacy, the authorities have become so Left they ended up being like Hitler again.

    2. Don’t worry, Matthew, the law will make it clear that religious circumcision is legal. Germany, for obvious reasons, is the last nation which can afford to be seen passing laws discriminating against religious groups.
      But it must be clear why the court in Cologne made its ruling. Female circumcision is regarded as mutilation by most people – the question they asked themselves was: why treat boys differently?

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