Rhythm, Repetition, and the ‘Book of Common Prayer’

The distinctive aspect of the Cranmer liturgy is that it is in English — and a particular form of stately English whose wording may seem antique but whose rhythms retain a classic beauty. I wouldn’t, and can’t, write the same way. Yet passages like those after the jump have stuck in my mind as the pure idea of how sentences should be paced, should repeat for emphasis yet also vary, should end…

The whole piece here.



The New Ordinariate Office

For the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.

We’ve had space to work in the offices of the Bishops’ Conference since January 2011, but now we’ve very kindly been given use of our own room there, which should give us a little more scope as things continue to grow.

And it has this for a window:

The stained glass reads: O Mary, Mother of God, bring England & Wales back to the Faith of our Fathers.