Atheists Sue Museum for Displaying 9/11 Cross

Angry God haters

American Atheists have filed a suit against the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation because the WTCMF is displaying a cross formed from some steel beams left after the building collapsed.

The fact that the cross was on display for five years as a symbol of hope to thousands of people makes it an historically significant artefact worthy of display in a museum.

That is not good enough for today’s atheists whose hatred for the God in which they disbelieve is so bitter that they cannot countenance any reminder that billions of people know that he is real. As Kenneth Bronstein, New York City Atheists President pointed out: “That a worker resurrected one of these girders and dubbed it a Christian cross is an affront to all of us who believe in our constitutionally based right to have public places free of religious propaganda and religious coercion.” That the cross is an affront to those who are perishing is not exactly a new idea, but that its display is somehow religious coercion defies all the rationality that atheists are so eager to claim as their own.

Contemporary atheists will not rest until all expression of Christianity is expunged from our civilisation and its citizens’ lives are rendered as narrow, unimaginative, and vacuously meaningless as theirs.

From here:

The American Atheists organization has sued the National September 11 Memorial and Museum over the installation of the “9/11 cross” in the museum. The organization’s president, David Silverman, insists that it will not “allow this travesty to occur in our country.”

The 20-foot cross — two steel beams that had held together as the building collapsed — was discovered in the rubble of Ground Zero on September 13, 2001, by construction worker Frank Silecchia. The 9/11 cross became a venerated object, and many of those who were searching for survivors and clearing debris from the “pit” took solace from its existence. On October 4, 2001, it was moved to a pedestal on Church Street, where it was treated as a shrine by visitors to Ground Zero for the next five years. In October 2006 it was removed to storage, and in July 2011 it was returned to the site for installation in the National September 11 Memorial and Museum.


12 thoughts on “Atheists Sue Museum for Displaying 9/11 Cross

  1. Quite literally “atheists” are Hell bound (an eternity without God!), everyday these fools live in “this” Creation of God, and His presence & providence! And HE allows them to live and breathe! But surely God’s eternity is coming for each of us!

    “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Ps. 14:1)

    1. And you can’t reason with fools! It’s like… casting pearls before swine. They’ll just trample it. It is better if the swine are cast off into the sea; they’re probably filled with unclean spirits.

  2. SEE!? SEE!? These angry God-haters turn me into an angry atheist-hater!

    But what exactly is anyone doing about it? While Americans were eager to go to Iraq or Afghanistan to basically kill terrorists (read: Muslims), what is anyone doing about the atheists? (We pray for them, yes, I know.) But when people are being threatened, we do not merely pray, We must act.

    My suggestion for burning at the stake still stands.

    But something less cruel and uncomfortable for everyone would be to round up all the now-courageously-loud-and-proud-and-visible atheists and ship them off the Saudi Arabia. Or better yet, to countries with actual atheistic, anti-religious policies, such as North Korea. Because atheism is incompatible with Western Civilization.

    Because there’s being charitable, and then, there’s being a doormat/punching bag. Honestly, it’s like the parent who does not spank or even raise their voice or incur any form of punishment to their petulant children because of one thing or another. They become the guttersnipes that frequently cause trouble at the grocer or scream loudly while sprawled on the floor of a department store. That’s how atheists are. They don’t like God or respect anyone who believe in Him because they don’t wanna. And they know no one is going to do anything about it. Parents can’t and therefore should not reason with children who are already intent on disobeying them!

    We must SPANK the atheist! Until our hands and their bottoms are bright pink!

    1. Again your “Zeal” is greater than your knowledge, at least of the grace and mercy of God! Certainly the Gospel and Good News of God’s Grace is now the hour of this time of God’s economy! And the incarnation, death/resurrection, and ascension of Christ thus fixes this economy of God within history! WE as Christians must know this time of Gospel “Dispensation”! (2 Cor. 6: 2 / Acts 20: 21-27) Noting too St. Paul’s Letter of Galatians, etc. It is always Law then Gospel, or the Law/Gospel narrative, as we see in Paul’s great Epistle/Letter of the Romans!

      Get your Bible mate, and sit down and read it, especially the NT! 🙂

      1. And btw, you must know, as no doubt some others here at least can see, that I am a “Paulinist/Pauline” Christian! And certainly no brighter light shines than on Paul in early and certainly “Reformed” Christianity!

      2. Pauline Christianity: the Gospel of Christ Jesus, the Saving Event and Saving History! But faith is never a body of people, alone.. even the church, but of the individual within the church, his lost condition, and his deliverance, ‘In Christ’! And here, are the People and Body of Christ, together!

  3. IrishAnglican – now there is an oxymoron if there ever was one. You are just as bad as the Atheists. Wish you would all go away.

    1. I also wish the atheists would go away. I wish even I would go away. But I wish I knew how to quit this blog. It’s so addictive.

      Maybe you should make a more popular blog? It’s the manure from the comment boxes that make the blogs grow after all.

      You know, I actually sense distinct personalities from the people who frequent this blog.

      Irishanglican: “blahblah theolog! blahblah biblical! Blah Augustine, mate! 😉 ”

      Mourad: “Blahblah Canon law! Blah blah coherent statements!”


      and so forth.

      It’s almost a sad substitute for an actual social life, really.

      1. Actually, the “addictive” is thinking, and hopefully thinking biblically, and theologically! And this is more than human opinion, but the stuff of “spirit and truth”! The Lord Jesus is actually the One who sends this great challenge! AGAIN, we must read and KNOW our Bibles! For Jesus is both the Logos and the Rhema!

  4. Atheists stand for Nothing – they are deconstructionists! So they want to dismantle this Cross?! I wonder what they would do with the steel beams so as to represent and instill Hope – a black hole?

    The two names given in the above article appear to be Jewish (Bronstein and Silverman). I love the Jewish people but in years past I worked for and among a number of ‘secular Jews’ who were so obnoxious and arrogant, yet they never were offended in the least at anything ‘Christian’ in this country or that Christmas was celebrated as a national holiday; some even sent out ‘secular Christmas cards’. Another sign of our ‘cultural times’? Surely here they can build up and contribute to their own rich cultural heritage, rather than this attempt to uproot and demolish Chirstianity!
    Very sad indeed!

    1. Atheism is a parasite. Morally, culturally, ethically… It must be killed with fire, like all parasites.

      The sad thing: Even if you make a thought-out, reasonable, airtight argument, once you criticize a Jew, you’re anti-semitic; once you criticize homosexuals, you’re a homophobe; once you criticize a feminist, you’re a misogynist; once you criticize a black person, you’re a racist; once you criticize an atheist, you’re an ignorant, superstitious bigot; Criticize a Christian, and oh! You’re exercising free speech. They’d give you an award for being so “Courageous”

      Liberals, and their Cultural Marxist buddies (Or maybe they’re one and the same?) love coming up with labels to make you shut up, because they appeal to your sense of decency. For example, you would be shocked if someone accused you of being a racist- because I’d presume you’re actually not; but the shaming tool of the Left, which we call Political Correctness, will silence you because of your fear of indeed becoming perceived as a racist. Especially by a group of “Intellectual elites” in university faculties and in other places of influence such as newspapers, magazines, blogs, etc. Now, you’d be hard pressed to shut up Adolf Hitler by calling him a racist, because HE IS a racist, and proudly so.

      Going back to the atheists, Leftists would be hard pressed to shut up Al-Qaeda and the Taliban by calling them ignorant, superstitious bigots, because those words are meaningless to people who would most likely bomb your house and drag your lifeless body around. And yet guess who the atheists and the liberal “Intellectual Elite” aren’t touching with their scathing satire? It makes me laugh, cry, and enraged when I see how the West can blaspheme and mock and step on Jesus Christ repeatedly and publicly, while when it came to Mohammed, people become sensitive and even apologetic and even would like to make restitution for some reason. Meanwhile, Copts are being murdered in Egypt, along with multitudes of new martyrs throughout the world whose names are unknown to us because the liberal media, which includes atheists for the most part, doesn’t care about dying Christians. It cares about false idols.

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