Names of South Africans Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing Released

They were apparently mistaken for Americans…

The names of the eight South Africans killed in a suicide bomb attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, have been released by the department of international relations and co-operation.

Times Live reports:

“The Department has consulted with the families of the deceased and hereby releases their names with permission from their families,” said spokesman Nelson Kgwete in a statement on Wednesday.

The victims were:

— Christian Johannes Justus Pretorius, 30, from Pretoria, Gauteng

— Fraser Angus Carey, 31, from Johannesburg, Gauteng

— Brandon Quinn Booth, 47, from Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal

— Johan Abraham van Huyssteen, 31, from Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

— Johan Frederick Bouchaud, 30, from Johannesburg, Gauteng

— Johannes Judenis Humphries, 65, from Centurion, Gauteng

— Steven Leong, 31, from Johannesburg, Gauteng

— Jenny Margaret Ayris, 46, from Scotland in the United Kingdom

The department was working with the private aviation company that employed the victims and Afghanistan authorities, and was rendering consular assistance to the families.

“This includes arrangements for the repatriation of the mortal remains of the deceased,” said Kgwete.

The government expressed its deepest condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those killed and condemned the use of violence.

“The South African government believes in peaceful means to settle disputes and/or conflicts and we strongly condemn the use of violence, particularly violence targeted at innocent civilians.”

This is very distressing. Deep condolences go to their families and loved ones. May Almighty God give them the fortitude to bear the tragic loss…


One thought on “Names of South Africans Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing Released

  1. Sad and discouraging news indeed. By their names most came from the Dutch side of the aisle rather than the English.
    Those people don’t care about human life even their own so why bother? We (USA)have been there 11 years and nothing good has come of it and our ‘politicians, I will not call them leaders, still don’t get it.

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