The Prayer Rope

The prayer rope was formed by St. Pachomius in the fourth century. The rope is used with the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Historically it typically had 100 knots, although prayer ropes with 300, 50, or 33 knots or, less commonly, 250 or 12 can also be found in use today.



2 thoughts on “The Prayer Rope

  1. I love the Jesus Prayer and the ‘prayer rope’ whether of cloth knots or beads. I have been both a ‘Latin’ and ‘Byzantine’ Christian and I never could get into the so-called Marian Rosary try hard as I might. The Jesus prayer just makes more sense to me.

    1. As an ex-Roman on the way to being an Orthodox, I was rather pleased when my spiritual father told me that the Rosary is a good devotion and told me to continue to use it. He also said that it is customary for one NOT to begin recitation of the Jesus Prayer until one is steeped in the Divine Liturgy, Vespers and Matins. I asked why this was so, and he told me that the Jesus Prayer encompasses the whole prayer of the Church, and so one should not begin to use it until one has something of an understanding of exactly what the prayer of the Church is.

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