Monsignor Ian Dempsey Cleared to Return to Parish Duties

And the people of his Parish will be rejoicing!

The Australian reports: Accused priest back in ministry.

The Catholic Church has cleared priest Ian Dempsey to return to parish duties, despite an ongoing police sex-crimes investigation into allegations he raped former Traditional Anglican Church primate John Hepworth more than 40 years ago.

This comes as the Director of Public Prosecutions, Adam Kimber, considers whether to lay charges against the priest.

Vicar-General Philip Marshall told The Weekend Australian Monsignor Dempsey’s resumption of ministry was justified on the basis of an independent investigation by Michael Abbott QC last year, which found no substance to allegations made by Archbishop Hepworth. “It was now evident that despite the fact the matter was referred to police as long ago as November 2011, it is obvious that any inquiries by police could take some time to be completed,” Father Marshall said.

“His return to ministry, which is founded on his right to the presumption of innocence, does not contravene any of the church’s policies or any civil requirements, therefore there was no reason for him not to resume his parish duties.”

Monsignor Dempsey was named under parliamentary privilege by senator Nick Xenophon last September as one of three alleged perpetrators who raped Archbishop Hepworth over a 10-year period while he was in the Adelaide seminary.

And as one layman commented, speaking of Msgr Ian Dempsey when the accusations were first made:

… a very good and trusted friend of mine is being unjustifiably publicly pilloried and defamed by an opportunistic politician, a sensationalist press and a bishop…

Dark forces are shouting from the roof tops…

That they are.

I have a reputation for honesty and integrity… You did not even bother to find out about any matter relevant to this case except from one source, John Hepworth.

Monsignor Ian Dempsey


The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a Fake Gospel-Fragment was Composed

Well researched and very revealing… As posted by Dr Mark Goodacre on his NT Blog:

I would like to thank Francis Watson, Professor in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University for the opportunity to publish the following short article:

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: How a fake Gospel-Fragment was composed


Muhammad, From Prophet to Warrior

Kairos Insight

Peter Cotterell is former Principal of the London School of Theology and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. An expert in Islamic studies, Cotterell is the author of nineteen books, including Islam in Context (with Peter Riddell) and the forthcoming One God.

How did the transformation of Muhammad from prophet to warrior occur?

According to the earliest biography of Muhammad available to us (by ibn Ishaq), Muhammad was personally engaged in 27 fighting raids, and “actually fought” in nine of those engagements.

The history of the formative years of Islam is best characterized as a trajectory of violence, presenting three phases: the initial period, when Muhammad’s followers passively accepted persecution; a defensive period, when violence was permitted as a response to violence; and an offensive period, when violence was allowed generally “in the cause of Allah.”

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