Will ‘the TAC bishops will stop wearing Roman Catholic ecclesial attire?’

Deborah Gyapong has picked up on a thread of comments over on this blog and she comes up with some rather interesting and selective conclusions. Things like:

As others have expressed on this blog, I would like to see a good theological and rational explanation for why the present TAC bishops have decided to reject the Apostolic Constitution that goes beyond the ad hominem attacks against Hepworth.  How do they explain their actions in light of what the CCC says?

And I wonder, too, if the TAC bishops will stop wearing Roman Catholic ecclesial attire?  Maybe Fr. Anthony can do a post on his blog about what Anglican priestly and episcopal attire should look like.

Wow! I don’t even think it worth responding to, other than perhaps to say it’s sad to see this coming from one who just a day or two ago  wrote:

Anyway, I wish these chapters would come to an end and the ACCA and the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross can go their separate ways without bitterness or continued fighting.

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UPDATEFr Anthony Chadwick goes there and actually posts ‘what Anglican priestly and episcopal attire should look like’.



Former TAC Clergy Now in the Roman Catholic Church

Catholic Left:

Following my post on Parishes, I have decided to have a posting the names of Traditional Anglican Communion clergy who are now members of the Ordinariates, whether lay or clerical. Please excuse the lack of titles, it is not meant in an offensive way, they are all Reverends to me.


Carl Reid (former Bishop of the ACCC) of the Annunciation of the BVM, Ottawa
Gerard Trinque Christ the King, Tyendinaga
Peter Wilkinson (former Presiding Bishop of the ACCC) formerly of St John the Evangelist, Victoria, now of Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, Victoria, British Columbia
Michael Trolly of the Annunciation of the BVM, Ottawa
James Tilly of Good Shepherd, Oshawa
B. Kipling Cooper of Holy Trinity, Barrhaven
Doug Hayman of St Barnabas, Spencerville
David Garrett of Good Shepherd, Oshawa
Colin O’Rourke formerly of Christ the King parish, Calgary, Alberta
Michael Shier formerly of St Peter and St Paul parish, Vancouver.
David Skelton formerly of Our Lady and St Michael parish, Edmonton, now Fellowship of Blessed John Henry Newman, Edmonton.

I know that the list of Priests and Deacons in the final ACCC newsletter authored by Bishop Reid included other names but I am yet to discover if they have joined the Roman Catholic Church whilst en route to the Ordinariate.


Robert Mercer former Bishop of Matabeleland and Presiding Bishop of the ACCC
John Maunder of St Agatha’s, Landport
Brian Gill former Vicar General of the TTAC
Philip Penfold of St Agatha’s, Landport


Harry Entwistle (former Bishop in the ACCA) Ordinary. St Ninian and St Chad, Maylands, West Australia
Tony Iball Patmos House Community, Brisbane, Queensland
Stephen Hill

Reception in process:

Gordon Barnier (Vicar General of the Diocese of the Torres Straits) Parish of St Clare, Cairns, Queensland
Andrew Kinmont chapel of St Stephen, Protomartyr, Upper Coomera, Queensland.
Warren Wade parish of St Mary the Virgin, North Turramura, Sydney, NSW
Owen Buckton (former Administrator of the ACCA) Parish of Our Lady of Walsingham, Rockhampton, Queensland.


Louis Campese former Bishop of the Diocese of the Eastern United States in the ACA
William Holiday of the Church (Cathedral) of the Incarnation, Florida
Scott Whitmore of the Church (Cathedral) of the Incarnation, Florida
Dennis Hewitt of the Sacred Heart Mission, Mt Airy, Maryland
Dean Steward of the Holy Cross Mission, Ocala, Florida
Lawrence Reinholt of Christ the King Parish, Towson, Maryland.
Ray Strawser of Christ the King Parish, Towson, Maryland.
Mark Bradley of Christ the King Parish, Towson, Maryland.
Edward Meeks of Christ the King Parish, Towson, Maryland.
Andrew Bartus of Blessed John Henry Newman Mission Parish, Orange County, California
Luke Reese of St Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Use Society, Indiana, Indianapolis.
George Ortiz-Guzman of St Augustine of Canterbury Parish, Oceania, California
William Ledbetter of St Augustine of Canterbury Parish, Oceania, California
David Ousley of St Michael the Archangel Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Jonathin Chori Seraiah formerly of St Aiden’s Parish, Des Moines, Iowa

See also the post: Which Traditional Anglican Communion parishes have joined the Personal Ordinariates? here.


Chancellor Angela Merkel: Islam Is Part of Germany

Huffington Post:

Berlin – Chancellor Angela Merkel says Islam has become a part of Germany and she is urging her fellow citizens to show tolerance for Muslims.

She told members of her conservative Christian Democratic party Wednesday the great majority of Muslims in Germany have distanced themselves from the recent violence during protests against an anti-Islam video that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad.

Merkel said about Islam that Germans “should be open about it and say, `yes, it’s part of us.'” She added that Christians should maybe start thinking and talking more about their own religion again “rather than having fear of Islam.”

Germany is home to an estimated 4 million Muslims.

Merkel’s comment follow former President Christian Wulff’s remarks who surprised many in 2010 by saying that “Islam now also belongs to Germany.”