Some Reflexions on the Status Quo of the TAC

Over at Ordinariate Expats:

Now that the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Orlando, Florida, has joined the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, and that The Traditional Anglican Church in the UK has presentged a new website listing the few remaining parishes, the time has obviously come for an intermediate status quo.

The “Catholic Left” blog has posted first a list of TAC parishes and then a list of TAC clergy who have so far joined the Ordinariates worldwide and in Fr. Stephen Smuts’ and Deborah Gyapong’s blog postings of yesterday, 27th September, there is a sometimes very emotional debate in progress about the current state of the “rump” TAC.

I think we can fairly say that the first and major wave of TAC receptions into the Catholic Church is coming to a close. The current number of former Anglican Communion bishops (Monsignori Newton, Burnham, Broadhurst, Barnes and Silk) and former TAC bishops (Fr. Entwistle, Mgr. Mercer, Messrs. Reid, Wilkinson and Campese) who have joined Rome since Anglicanorum Coetibus has now reached a par at 5 to 5 (Msgr. Steenson from the Anglican Communion swam the Tiber several years previously). Bishop David Robarts (TAC) of Tasmania is still expected to join the Australian Ordinariate in the not too distant future.

Two of the former TAC bishops and current Catholic laymen (Carl Reid and Peter Wilkinson) in Canada are expected to be ordained Catholic priest on December 8th.

Two 0f the most prominent TAC bishops who have not decided to seek reception (Archbishop Hepworth and Bishop Moyer) have both been refused ordination in the Catholic Church because of clerical and marital irregularities. The case of Archbishop Falk, however, seems to remain a mystery. His former Vicar to the Ordinary, Tom Cairns, has been received into the Church but not yet as a member of the Ordinariate – he too is among those who have been refused ordination.


2 thoughts on “Some Reflexions on the Status Quo of the TAC

  1. “Bishop David Robarts (TAC) of Tasmania is still expected to join the Australian Ordinariate in the not too distant future”

    And then there were none??

  2. I received the following somewhat disturbing comment in an e-mail from a knowledgeable individual not long ago, responding to the question of whether Prakash would be a better leadership figure than Hepworth:

    “I have my doubts as to whether Abp. Prakash is an honest man. Part of the ad clerum that you can read on the new TAC website is not factual. Prakash has made a public statement there that Bp. Kajiwara of Japan agreed with the actions taken by the college during their meeting in South Africa in March. Here is the wording:

    “‘Bishop Kajiwara was not able to be contacted, although subsequently, Bishop Kajiwara had been contacted and has given his full support to the College of Bishops meeting and the resolutions emanating there from.’

    “I informed Bp. Kajiwara of this statement of Prakash’s and asked for confirmation. Kajiwara denied that he approved of their actions and asked me to help him write a letter to Prakash asking him to [r]etract his statement. Bp. Gill responded on Prakash’s behalf by saying that since Bp. Kajiwara has withdrawn the Nippon Kirisuto Seikokai (Church of Japan) from the TAC, he is in no position to dictate the contents of the TAC website. So the lie stands, as you can see for yourself.”

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