Pope Benedict XVI: Rediscover the Rosary

UPDATE:   See also,

Will you give 1% of 1440 minutes each day to God?

If so, pray the daily Rosary. It only takes 15 minutes – 1% of 24 hours…

Willing? Then do read more over at Canterbury Tales.

7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Rediscover the Rosary

  1. I don’t need anyone to lead me to Jesus, reading my Bible and through Prayers leads me to Jesus. In my Bible It says do not say Prayers of how the pagans say their prayers of repetitive prayer. We must search our Bible and stay true to the Word of God only through God. satan who comes in sheep clothing…angel of light. We are in the last days and we must know the Word of God and we must put on the Armor of God. God Bless

    1. The Bible never said it was the ultimate authority, did it? The people who said and taught and wrote that everything we need is in the Bible were not Bibles themselves, were they? They were actual human beings who existed before anything was written down. The Bible is truly incomplete because it is not a living authority and though it was inspired by God, it was written by men, and not written directly by His Hand. Only Christ completes the Bible, as He is the Word of God Incarnate. We then must follow the authority that issues forth FROM JESUS CHRIST, not what issues forth just from Scripture and not be like the Pharisees and Sadducees who obsess over the words of the Law but could not recognize the Word Incarnate, and more specifically we must follow and submit to the God-given authority of bishops and priests who were set aside and consecrated for the purpose of receiving the authority of God through the Holy Spirit.

      What bishop laid their hands on you and consecrated you? From what apostle do you derive your authority? Can you turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ? Do you deny that Jesus Christ left us with the Sacrament that will be the means of our salvation? Do you think the ink and the letters and the words and the sentences, and the verses and the chapters of dead men, though holy and inspired they may be can save you?

      Those who deny the authority of Jesus’ rightfully-called bishops, their successors, and their priests and deacons… Do not follow the wishes of Jesus Christ, and so automatically do not follow the Bible, which is embodied and completed by Jesus Christ, who is the Word of God Incarnate and whose authority we must rightly submit to more so than the words written by men who were mere heralds of Jesus Christ. And so, they will probably go to hell, not for their ignorance but probably from their obstinacy and intellectual pride that does not allow them to submit to the authority of Jesus Christ, His Bishops, and His Church. They go where the Pharisees and the Sadducees go. May God have mercy on them.

      1. I’m not going to say too much, But I know Jesus is with me every day every minute of the day. I don’t obsess over words, I do follow the teachings of Jesus and read scripture. I don’t believe that a Priest brings the Body and Blood of Jesus. Jesus gave us all His Body and Blood when He died on the Cross for our sins and our salvation. Jesus says with this Bread and Wine {do this in Memory of Me.} Jesus Died One Time and only One Time. The Bible was written by God as He sent the Holy Spirit to guide His Words other than most of the psalms,proverbs etc. You can read the Bible 100 times over and you will always learn and see something new. Our lives should mirror the teachings of the Bible,in which is inspired by God. I’m no theologian and their are many, but I do listen to my Bible. We all should have an individual oneness with Jesus as I do. Only Jesus can save us He knows our Hearts, our thoughts etc. God will be our Judge. Many people will go to hell many people will go to Heaven many people will just be no longer. I gave myself to Jesus, I do not submit myself to anyone and will never submit to mans authority. Although I listen to many who know more than myself who I learn from I never stop learning and I also spread the Gospel of Jesus to others this is called sharing the Good News. If you truly have Jesus in your heart and life you know. Heaven is Praying for us. God Bless

      2. @ mvpappas

        1, Jesus Christ is with us on Earth, but not in a metaphorical sense in the same way we consider our deceased relatives are with us on Earth- Jesus Christ is seated at the Right Hand of the Father in Heaven, but He is also on Earth through the Church which He founded in a concrete way- (“His will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven”) There’s an ancient cluster of teachings from Church Fathers called “Bridal Theology” wherein the Church that Jesus founded is likened to a bride, and Christ is the Bridegroom- the two are meant to be of the same mind, and of the same flesh, as two who are united in marriage ought to be; and so Christ is the Church, and the Church is not just the structure, but every single person baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

        2. Jesus Christ died only once on the Cross for the salvation of all mankind. In the Mass, Jesus does not die again, but the sacrifice of the Mass is the very same event that happened 2,000 years ago. So we don’t “Crucify Christ Again”- How is this possible? In the sacred time and space wherein the priest turns the bread and wine into Jesus’ Flesh and Blood, the memory of that sacrifice steps out of History and steps into Eternity, for that is the nature of Jesus’ sacrifice- it was done not only for me and my generation, nor just for the Apostles’ generation but for all generations until He comes back. Hence, from all Eternity, His sacrifice becomes Reality- His actual Flesh, and His actual Blood in the appearance of bread and wine. Do you doubt that God, who was born through a virgin, cannot make such a great sacrifice that will be made available for all those who love and fear God and follow His teachings and commandments throughout the ages? If you believe in the almighty and omnipotent God, you must at least consider that it is possible!

        “Whosoever eats my flesh, and drinks my blood, has eternal life; and I will raise him up at the last day.” (John 6:54) I do not believe Jesus Christ was crucified because he wanted people to “symbolically” eat His Flesh and drink His Blood. People did not desert Him because Jesus was speaking metaphorically. I’m not about to die for a “symbol” or a “metaphor.” Jesus loves us supremely, so He does, as God the Son, everything He can to bring us to salvation short of pushing a button to destroy our Free Will and automatically wipe away our sins- and if He tells me, as He told all the faithful who believe in Him, that the Bread is His Body, and the Wine is His Blood, then by all means, is IS His Flesh and it IS His Blood. I’m not about to accuse Our Lord of being a liar.

        3. This is the reason Jews called the Old Testament the “Tanakh”- it’s an acronym for the (T)orah, which are the five books of the Law attributed to Moses; (N)evim, the eight prophetic books that are written by the prophets, containing some historical record such as lineage of kings, etc.; and the (K)etuvim, which are the holy writings, such as psalms, proverbs, etc. And then the New Testament themselves admit to being letters of St. Paul or other Apostles, and not written by the hand of God Himself.They were not written directly by the hand of God, or you would deny the historical role of Scribes in ancient Israel or would presume that everyone was totally illiterate. We say “The Word of the Lord” after each reading, because while human hands wrote down and arranged the Scriptural Canon, the inspiration was not of human origin, nor was it of the devil, nor was it of some other entity but of Divine origin; as such, while many writings are deemed questionable, we must then take into account of the Scriptures having been written in the flow of history, with surrounding historical and sociopolitical circumstances providing the background for the writing of the Scriptures. All the while, the influence of God is subtle and is the glue, so to speak, which binds all the books of the Bible and elevates the history found within into what we call “Salvation History” which plainly put is God’s plan for our salvation as it progresses through human history, from Genesis to Revelations.

        The method of reading the Bible 100 times and seeing something new, I do not question; the Bible is indeed what it is- a library of books and a treasury of beauty and wisdom, but it is also a written document that needs interpretation. Without this, the 100 different “new” things that are viewed by people end up with 100 different interpretations, and then you have a disunity among the faithful who believe in God, but have no central authority from whence a proper interpretation can be derived; this is why the Bible used by Protestants could ultimately be traced back to the canonical list provided by the Catholic Church; protestants would then accuse the Catholic Church of having added into the Biblical Canon, when it was the Protestants who subtracted from it; were it the truth that the Roman Catholic Church added into Biblical Canon, then why would Christendom wait for 1,500 years before suddenly becoming “Enlightened” and seeing the need to subtract from what was handed down from Apostolic times? Or are we considering the “Gnostic Gospels” and other heretical writings to be as valid as the ones listed as canon?

        The Scripture is a document, a source material from which the teaching of the Church flows. -The ultimate- source material is Jesus Christ, who is not bound in any book. And so, the authority to interpret Scripture does not fall on people who don’t even understand the coming of Christ, or the nature of His sacrifice. (This is why we have Unitarians, Mormons, and other crazy “Christians” who interpret as they will without any regard to valid traditional authority) The authority to interpret Scripture lies on those who personally KNEW Jesus, and related what they knew about Jesus to their successors who were tasked to guide and protect the Christian community throughout all ages.

        Your assertion that “You don’t need anyone” to guide you is the reason why many people become atheist or convert to some absurd false religion during our time; the subjective nature of personal interpretation of Scripture has led to the notion that the fullness of truth can be attained without any connection to Christ at all, other than having read about Him and His deeds. This “Faith Alone” theology is dangerous, for as St. James wrote in his Epistle:

        ‘What good is it, my brothers and sisters,
        if someone says he has faith but does not have works?
        Can that faith save him?
        If a brother or sister has nothing to wear
        and has no food for the day,
        and one of you says to them,
        “Go in peace, keep warm, and eat well, ”
        but you do not give them the necessities of the body,
        what good is it?
        So also faith of itself,
        if it does not have works, is dead.

        Indeed someone might say,
        “You have faith and I have works.”
        Demonstrate your faith to me without works,
        and I will demonstrate my faith to you from my works.’

        —By the way, Martin Luther hated this letter, because it totally contradicts his new theology of having faith alone and relying on Scripture alone.

        You can see the sort of error 100 different interpretations of Scripture can result in, when you have people in all seriousness believing that the World is only 4,000 years old despite the evidence to the contrary- it diminishes the Scripture and robs it of all glory when it becomes as banal and mutable as a mere science or history text book, both of which probably change every 10 years, by the way. And so, the Scripture is in fact misused when any idiot with an opinion or an agenda is considered a valid authority in interpreting what they contain- such a view is DANGEROUS, and is the reason why Islam, with its non-existent central authority for the interpretation of the Koran, has produced people like Bin Laden; likewise, a Scripture that is totally devoid of any legitimate teaching and interpreting authority, called the “Magisterium” will likewise fall to the depraved who will take advantage of the gullible.

        4. Your theology of the last things a human experiences is questionable: The last four things taught by the Roman Catholic Church are: 1. Death. 2. Judgement. 3. Heaven. 4. Hell. The Soul is immortal and cannot be destroyed, for the Soul is from and of God, who is immortal. Hence, while God can technically put a Soul out of existence, His merciful nature would rather put a Soul into where they want; A person who is offended by God will be put into a place farthest away from God; what farther place can there be than Hell? Though this is an act of mercy, for the Soul that hates God cannot stand God. The Soul that loves God will be with God for all eternity.

  2. May those bishops who say “yes” to the Pope’s face but work against him in secret… be shown mercy by God. May our Lady help us and protect us from heresy, and may the upright bishops have courage to fight the Enemy inside and outside so they can shepherd their flock to salvation.

  3. Sorry. Tried the Rosary many times. I may not be the brightest bulb on the lamp but I do know one would have to be double minded to do the Rosary properly. One would have to be able to focus on the Holy Mysteries and simultaneously focus on the words. Not even Good Pope Benedict XVI can do that me thinks. A person would have to vainly repeat the ‘Hail Mary’ hence ‘vain repetition’ or not meditate on the Mysteries.
    I prefer the Jesus Prayer. One is completely focused on Jesus in thought and word. After all He is the Savior and Lord not the Blessed Virgin Mary I don’t care how Marian your Doctrines are. Apologies if I offend.

    1. The Rosary is not necessary for Salvation; it is a “Sacramental” which will aid you but is not enough to save you. Think of them as vitamin supplements that are not as important as the meals you eat. You can’t very well be sustained merely by pills, can you?

      I don’t know anything about “vain repetition” (I’ve only heard of that in context of the Jesus Prayer) but from my own experience, the repetition elevates you into a different state of mind which does end up making it easier to contemplate of the Holy Mysteries; if for example, I lose focus, then the prayer to Our Lady and the Our Father, as well as the Glory Be and the Fatima Prayer will help me get back to the contemplative state. I think it’s not unlike cranking an electrical generator, but I suppose someone else can have a better analogy or metaphor.

      Now, I agree that sometimes, people can get overboard with reverence of the Blessed Virgin. (Living in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciúncula with many Hispanic Catholic makes it more visible) And it could easily look like Mariolatry.

      But she’s Our Lord’s Mother; she’s my Mother too! If she’s good enough for Jesus, she’s good enough for me. Hence, I dislike it when people describe her as “A tool” because it robs her of her humanity. And we know better than talking poorly of peoples’ mothers. We certainly know how to show our mothers we love them as well, don’t we!

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