Is the Pope Jewish?

Via First Thoughts:

Yes, says the head of the Hebrew Studies Department at Tanta University in Egypt, Muhammad Galaa Idris. In an interview on Egypt’s Al-Rahma TV, he informs us that Pope Benedict XVI is either Jewish or has been “Judaized”:

The Egyptian academic said this in an interview in January 2012 with Al-Rahma TV, according to footage recorded and translated by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute. “The current pope Benedict IV or VII or whatever is even more Zionist then Herzl,” said Idris, adding  “I follow his statements, and I’ve already said, that if that man is not a Jew then he has been Judaized. . . . He is more Zionist than the Zionists themselves.”

Some falsehoods flatter, and all I have to say in response to this one is viva la papa!


9 thoughts on “Is the Pope Jewish?

  1. What a stupid statement, and we are supposed to see or believe this man as some kind of Hebrew scholar? I don’t think so, not for a minute! Indeed Ratzinger/Benedict is a Judeo-Christian, as are all real historically defined Christians!

  2. It is actually true: his maternal grandmother, Maria Tauber being a convert from Judaism, and Judaism being hereditary in maternal line, according to Jewish criteria, His Holiness is “Jewish”. I thought it was just an interesting trivia and posted about it on my blog, but had to remove the post because of the craziness it engendered in the comments.

    + PAX et BONUM

    1. I don’t think this was the Egyptian’s main point, as Razinger/Benedict was “Judaized. . . . He is more Zionist than the Zionists themselves.” But, yes I had heard someone in his family background was Jewish, literally. Though I can hear some no doubt argue (Ioannes?) that this of itself does not make the pope Jewish, fully. But I would too disagree, at least as to his heritage and part of his heredity, he is “Jewish”!

      Btw, many people don’t know the depth of Judiasm in the German people!

  3. Wow! St. Teresa of Avila was ALSO part Jewish! So were Our Lord and Our Lady! Catholicism is a Jewish plot! Thank God Muhammad was a pure Aryan!

  4. Honestly, nothing good comes out of Muslim Egypt. Everyone is a conspiracy theorist and no doubt, they’ll believe that Pope Benedict XVI is a circumcised Jew that only reads the Torah and plays with dreidel. They’d also believe that Catholics eat Muslim babies and our bishops have horns under those miters. And that the Vatican has all of the world’s gold stashed under St. Peter’s Basilica and secretly fund Israel and sanctions kidnappings of Palestinians and brainwash them into becoming Catholics. They’d also stick the UFOs, Vampires, Hitler, the Illuminati and Freemasons there, somewhere.

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