St Mary’s Hollywood – Priest Ordered to Evacuate

FINLEY AVENUE—The siege of St Mary’s of the Angels Church in Los Feliz may be drawing to a conclusion after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael P. Linfield ordered Father Kelley to vacate the church premises by midnight Oct. 31st.

According to Canon Tony Morello, a separate ecclesiastical inquiry held Oct. 11th, found Kelley guilty of all charges, including violations of the constitutions and canons of the church and his vows. One potential outcome of that trial may be to deny Kelley his priesthood.

The ecclesiastical procedure allows Kelley to appeal the decision and apply to the Bishop for mercy, but Morello believes that request will be denied.

“I don’t think they will reverse their decision and will ultimately strip Father Kelley of his priesthood,” Morello said. “The judge has been meticulous in following the law, but the court has to defer to the [Anglican Church of America].”

According to Morello, Judge Linfield told Kelley’s lawyers if he is not out, the next step is sheriff intervention.

“There will be an outreach to hire an interim priest for St. Mary’s and I will remain there for the present,” Morello said. “The church members are happy to get their church back and the services are scheduled to begin again this month. We are working slowly and meticulously to restore the church to normalcy and doing an outreach to all parishioners. Members who had left the church are reacting favorably and returning.”

At this time the church remains under the auspices of the Anglican Church and Morello said there are no plans to enter the Roman Catholic order.

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All Saints

O Almighty God, who hast knit together thine elect in one communion and
fellowship, in the mystical body of thy Son Christ our Lord; Grant us grace so
to follow thy blessed Saints in all virtuous and godly living, that we may come
to those unspeakable joys which thou hast prepared for those who unfeignedly
love thee; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord.

– Amen


Armenian Church Reportedly Burned Down in Aleppo

The St. Gevorg church in Aleppo’s Armenian-populated district of Nor Kyugh was set ablaze on Monday, reported, quoting a representative of the local Armenian prelacy.

Speaking to the online paper, the spokesman, Zhirayr Reisian, confirmed that the church had become a target of rebels and that it had almost been reduced to ashes.

Reisian also said that the Mesrobian Armenian school adjacent to the church has been seriously damaged, too.

Earlier on Monday a blast near an Armenian district of Syrian capital Damascus reportedly killed 10 people and wounded around 50. Armenians were feared to be among both dead and wounded.

Later Reisian told state-run agency Armenpress that a group of 10 Christians, including seven Armenians, was kidnapped near Aleppo.

About four dozen Syrian Armenians have reportedly been killed since the start of the conflict in Syria in March 2011. Hundreds of an estimated 80,000 Syrian Armenian, mostly concentrated in Aleppo, have taken refuge in Armenia since fighting between government and opposition forces reached the city last July.


And in other news today, the US withdraws support for Syria’s opposition leadership, here.



The Olive Harvest

Fall is olive harvesting season in Israel.  And in the West Bank, still today, olives are harvested in the ancient way with harvesters all over the countryside taking up rods and sticks, beating the trees to knock the olives from their branches as you will see in this video short.  But, why is it important for us to visualize this picture?

The prophet Isaiah uses the olive harvest as a metaphor to describe coming judgment.  In his description, the tree is the earth, the beating with rods is God’s wrath and the falling olives are people. While Biblical metaphors of judgment are often not our favorites, they are extremely numerous and important because without seeing and accepting the reality of the problem we can’t be protected by the solution.

Isaiah’s message is two-fold, to give strong warning of judgment, but also to bring hope…there will be a remnant…a few olives will remain!  The important question then is how can we be part of the remnant? In chapter 53, Isaiah reveals that salvation will come through the coming of a person — one who will take God’s wrath and punishment for sin upon himself.

When I see an olive tree being beaten, I see Jesus being beaten before his accusers. With each blow, I see my many sins fall like olives, and because of Him…I am saved!  But what of others?  Isaiah’s message was powerful and urgent…judgment IS coming…listen and return to God to be saved.  May our hearts and words to this world be the same…judgment IS coming…but salvation has come…BELIEVE in Jesus and be saved!