Prince Charles May be a Vampire!

Via Fr Dwight Longenecker:

The Daily Telegraph reports that Prince Charles is related to Vlad the Impaler–the legendary blood drinking vampire! Go here.



8 thoughts on “Prince Charles May be a Vampire!

  1. Vlad III was also Catholic, and has a mustache superior to that of many British men.

    How disappointed Vlad must be of Prince Charles and his lack of mustache-having.

    On another note, Vlad III is one of the many reminders that public figures are always subject to being caricatured and distorted, something that his British relatives do not have to imagine much to confirm.

  2. If one looks at the British Royal Family Tree (849 – 2012) one appreciates while monarchs usedd to address one another as “cousin” – they usually were cousins by blood or by marriage. Until the 1688 Revolution, British Monarchs made their marriages primarily with the other great royal houses: eg France, Spain, Portugal – but after the Act of Settlement, protestant suitors had to be found – and first rank pinces and protest princesses were hard to find as is shown by the family trees for the House of Hanover and of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (which changed its name to Windsor as a sop to anti-German sentiment in WW1).bn Queen Victoria was oft heard to lament the shortage of eligible “protestant princesses” for her sons and daughters and her own marriage caused a great row in Parliament because the announcement of the betrothal to Parliament accidently omitted the word “protestant” before the words “Prince Albert”.

    But given the collateral lines omitted from the main tree – the Royal Family are related to just about anybody who was anybody in Europe if one goes back far enough.

    If one does not accept the consequences of the Act of Settlement, the right to the throne devolved from James II in the male line to the last male Stuart heir, His Late Eminence Henry Benedict Thomas Edward Maria Clement Francis Xavier Stuart, Duke of York, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia and Velletri and Dean of the College of Cardinals.

    For Jacobites, His Eminence was Henry IX of England and Ireland and Henry I of Scotland but the Cardinal did not himself publicly use the title. The Cardinal, his brother, his father and his mother are all buried in the crypt of St. Peter’s in Rome where there is also a monument to the Royal Stuarts designed by Antonio Canova. This was restored in the last century at the expense of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

    For Jacobites, the royal sucession thereafter passed in the female line and the legimate Jacobite pretender is the Wittelsbach, Franz II, Duke of Barvaria – see the Royal Stuart Society – Succession.

    PS for irishanglican – We don’t know where Vlad now resides- a person may repent even at the moment of death – if you find out for yourself before the Great Day of Judgment, I hope it will not be because you have made personal acquaintance with the gentleman.

    1. Well God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness is not a human concept! But I think it is fair to say, that old Vlad “the Impaler” was not one of God’s elect! “So then, you will know (recognize) them by their fruits.” (Jesus, Matt. 7: 21, beginning at verse 15 down..)

      I believe it is a position of the Gospel of the Grace of God, that the Christian can and should know that God In Christ has made the once sinner now a “saint”! As Paul writes to the Corinthians: “To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling, with all who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours.” (1 Cor. 1: 2) This is of course both a position, “sanctified” here “set-apart”, “in Christ”, and a calling as a “saint/saints”. And for Reformed Christians (Reformational), this is first a “forensic” and formal argumentation before God Himself! God alone is the “just and the justifier of the one who has (is of the faith of Jesus).” (Rom. 3:26) And of course that “faith” is a gift of God! (Eph. 2:8)

      1. And also, the “saint” in Christ, is in himself, i.e. his own person and flesh, still a sinner (Rom. 7: 18). This was part of Luther’s great teaching of Simul Iustus et Peccator – Simultaneously Sinner & Saint! (Rom. 7:13-25)

      2. Let us always understand that the mercy of God is greater than any human sensibility or experience, so it wouldn’t make sense to talk of souls as if “elect” or “predestined” in any direction in the afterlife. I mean, just because we hate, for example, Hitler or Stalin, doesn’t mean God necessarily agrees with us, because only God knows ultimately where people go, as only God is omniscient and knows the hearts of men. We still have to take into account the notion of Free Will, that is, God cannot move a sinner’s hand to repentance in such a way that it takes away the ability of a sinner to choose God.

        A modern-day Puritan asked: “What is it that saints can do which Christ himself cannot?” To which faithful Catholics answer: “To sin.” Jesus Christ is incapable of sin, because His humanity is not fallen, but in saints, we see the redemptive nature of Christ, though broken our natures may be. But on the other hand, only the pure of heart can see God, hence their previous sins must have been wiped away somehow. (And it is always possible, while on Earth, for men to sin, even at the highest position of esteem and perceived holiness- hence it is as necessary for God to have given us an active way to holiness which will counteract an active choice of sinning.)

        Wow, this brief statement regarding Vlad III’s kinship with Prince Charles unexpectedly turned into a theological discussion over the nature of sin, forgiveness, salvation, etc.

      3. Everything turns upon the biblical and theological for me! 😉 And btw, I am an Augustinian, and even somewhat Calvinist, so the doctrine of God’s Election is central for me! And you must read St. Paul, he also held to the doctrine of God’s Sovereign Grace! Note, Romans chapters 8 & 9, etc.

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