Little Rock Church Cancels Performance Of Merry ‘Christmas Charlie Brown’ Over Atheist Outrage…

The Grinch Atheist who stole Christmas.

Via Fox News:

A Little Rock church has cancelled a student matinee performance of “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” after critics complained the show was too religious and therefore violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

“It is not our desire to put hard-working, sacrificial teachers and cast members in harm’s way,” said Happy Caldwell, pastor of Agape Church, in a statement to Fox News. “While we regret the loss of students who will not get this particular opportunity right now, we have taken the school matinees off the table.”

The cancellation came as the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers told television station KATV they had received legal advice on pursuing a possible lawsuit against the Little Rock School District.

“We’re not waging a war,” said LeeWood Thomas, a spokesman for the group. “We’re basically calling a foul against the separation of church and state.”

A spokesperson for the school district told Fox News they had absolutely nothing to do with the cancellation of the performance. They said they had consulted with their legal team and determined the field trip was appropriate.

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8 thoughts on “Little Rock Church Cancels Performance Of Merry ‘Christmas Charlie Brown’ Over Atheist Outrage…

  1. So sad and digusted. I remember the christmas plays we had in grade school. Now the shopping malls have ‘Holiday’ trees decorated with flies and elfs,

    1. They’re not Holiday Trees, they’re Christmas Trees. We must never refer to Christmas Trees as something so stupid ever again. Like Freedom Fries. I’d rather we call those “chips” because British English is classy.

      Bah. I’m still a bit sour grapes over the “Holiday Tree” fiasco. (Then again, I’m never not sour grapes about anything.)

      Well, being a Catholic, I guess I shouldn’t care so much, since the Christmas Tree was basically a Protestant answer to the Catholic Nativity Scene. (which is explicitly Christian )

      A Nativity Scene is much more of an in-your-face Christian display ON CHRISTMAS… than a tree. (We sometimes go crazy with Nativity Scenes; we’d have, the Holy Family, some animals, some shepherds, their families, the three Magi, the Innkeeper, HIS family, some angels, Santa Claus, a stray Darth Vader action figure, Batman, a troll doll and an impregnable castle to house them all… ) Which is why Atheists reaaaaally hate Nativity Scenes and ban them altogether in comparison to the… snrk… “HOLIDAY” tree.

  2. Just the threat of a lawsuit is enough to make people cave. Our condo just was advised by its legal counsel to take out the words “Christmas” before decoration is the bylaws. So we now have rules and regulations around when our winter decorations can go up. No earlier than Dec. 1!!! It makes me want to put a big honking manger scene out on the front yard.

  3. They shut down our Christmas pageant, well we should shut down their universities

    and burn their books

    They’re indoctrination centers anyway. Also, I find more edifying content in cheap romance novels than in whatever atheists waste trees on. The only thing atheist books are good for are kindling.

    Maybe we should start a “holiday” bonfire to celebrate the “Winter Solstice.”

    I’ll be right back, I’m going to borrow “The God Delusion” from my local library.

  4. Charlie Brown’s expression says it all – ‘GOOD GRIEF’! And that poor li’l charlie brown christmas tree–bows down in a gesture pathetic!
    I could just hear ‘Charlie Brown’s li’l band of renown’ in chorus (at the Freethinkers): “You’re complaint is just too BLOCKHEADED and therefore violates the Established Santa Clause of the U.S.A. –

  5. Yet again a sad reminder of Western society’s fixation with so-called “Political Correctness”. This is an evil concept that we ought as Christians do all that we can to oppose. And on that point of a united Christian front, perhaps Ioannes mught like to quickly check the history of Christmass trees (eg the informative Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Britannica articles) – they pre-date the Reformation by quite some time. Again this should not be a time for denominational point scoring but rather for unity (at least publicly) against the secularist kill-joys. The best response to these folk is not anger but derision and pity. Merry Christmass.

    1. Political Correctness is a tool of Cultural Marxists who seek to win a culture war, since they know Marxist economics went horribly wrong after two World Wars. (Marx predicted that the Communist Revolution would necessarily come from Democratic, Free Market, Advanced societies, but instead came from backwards, tsarist agrarian Russia.)

      So The Cultural Marxist’s method of Political Correctness is to arbitrarily divide demographics, whether ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, etc, and make them fight against the establishment, but not against each other. Then, the Cultural Marxist would try to put themselves on the moral high ground by advocating for these groups, and

      1. Demonizes the establishment or anyone associated with the opposition- either by bringing up any shameful episode in history, or exaggerating any exceptions, as if they were the rule. This way, there will be no one to oppose any narrative they seek to tell about the establishment or their own Marxist ideals.

      2. Shames the establishment and opposition, and even those who do not know their political affiliation or ideology into agreement. They will accuse racism, sexism, bigotry, chauvinism, call priests pedophiles, call churches indoctrination centers, etc.

      3.Portray themselves as Liberators, always, always, always, from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (which now oppresses Tibet and Urumqi) to the earlier “Committee of Public Safety”- not explicitly Marxist, but they are the liberal grandfathers. They all share in common, a rebellion, a revolution, against legitimate authority, and ultimately against God.

      4. Appeals to the public fetishization of intellect- they pander to the intellectual elites with notions of “If society is run by good and smart men, everything will be fine” despite the fact that no one will ever be good enough, nor smart enough as human beings.This overall, is a tactic of telling the crowd what they want, in the same manner Pilate released Barabbas and crucified Jesus Christ- because of the crowd.

      5. Get hold of mass media, and recruits cultural elites, especially if those idols are homosexual, a minority, an atheist, a sex symbol, or just generally popular with the masses- maybe even minor celebrities who want more than their 15 minutes of fame. But importantly, that they are wealthy, and can be made to do what needs to be done for the victory of Marxist ideals. (Note, sometimes, these ideals are disguised with “Christianity” but nowadays, you apparently can be “Good without God”)


      At this point, there is no more use for debate, because Christians will always be silenced by the loud and outraged Marxists. They have won many battles, because of the inactivity of Christians. Or over-reliance on words. Actions speak louder! Now, what would be an active form of Christian opposition against Cultural Marxism? Let us not be ashamed of the glorious history of Christendom, and follow some examples of great Christian warriors and polemicists. (No doubt, demonized by either “Christians” who have moral cowardice or Anti-Christ Marxists of all colors.)

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