Speaking of Gratitude…

Someone is grateful to Archbishop John Hepworth for the unfolding Ordinariates.

How might things look different now had all the bishops behaved like good Catholics…






3 thoughts on “Speaking of Gratitude…

  1. We have already seen the formation of Ordinariates in the other parts of the Anglican World, but perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why there are (apparently) no prposals for an ordinariate in South Africa?I’m simply asking for clarity on this matter without any ‘mudslinging’, that’s all. When I was part of the TAC , some form of unity with the Roman catholic church was always envisaged and was always the goal that was saught, or am I mistaken here?There are many who will perhaps regret having not stayed the course. As I understand it, it was always the intention to have unity with our Roman catholic brothers and sisters and to keep some form of Anglican identity within that unity. I’d like to believe that this has been achieved with the formation of the Ordinariate through the generous offer made to Anglicans by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict.
    ++Hepworth can indeed be thanked for his vision in petioning the Holy See in the signing of the Portsmouth Declaration .What a pity many of the TAC bishops who signed this document went back on their promise. ++Hepworth and those who ‘followed through’ on their oath before God , His church and His people have achieved more than was ever believed possible since the Reformation. Perhaps ++Hepworth will indeed go down in History for the right reasons for his contribution in bringing these events to pass.I do not wish ‘bloggers’ on this site to reply to my polite request with insults as has been done before to me on this site; I am merely asking for clarity on this matter in my own mind.I have many friends in the Ordinariate and in the TAC as well as amongst Anglicans within the world wide Anglican Communion whom I love and respect as brothers and sisters in Christ, so please, if my question is answered, I do not wish to be insulted once again by some of your readers for asking this question. Thanks Father Stephen for your website.

    1. I would speculate that what would need to happen is for Anglican groups in South Africa to petition for an Ordinariate if they want one. It is a shame that India and South Africa did not have episcopal delegates assigned to shepherd potential ordinariate groups. Is there any more interest in India or South Africa? Doesn’t seem to be any from the TAC now, right? Were there any other groups?

    2. Michael:

      I have no inside knowledge. But I suppose the first issue is whether any “anglicanorum coetibus” [groups of anglicans] in Southern Africa have asked the Holy See to consider establishing an Ordinariate for them.

      It may well be that there is no demand for such a group within the 29 bishops, circa 2,000 clergy and somwhere between 3 and 4 million faithful who are encompassed in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa. There is, of course a sub-group of “traditional” Anglicans who are in ACSA (TAC) – some 14 parishes- who look to Bishop Michael Gill as their bishop. Since I understand Bishop Gill did sign up to the Portsmoth Declaration, one might have thought that he would have been the person most likely to have taken the initiative to petition for such an initiative.

      I am not aware that he has taken any such initiative, nor why he may not have done so. Fr Stephen may be able to enligten you. Obviously, if there are no “groups” asking for the special arrangements for group reception under the AC provision to be put in place, then the ordinary process of reception of individuals remainls the well established route for those wishing to “come home to Rome”.

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