3 thoughts on “Ad Clerum

  1. May God richly Bless your ministry, dear Deacons and servants of the Lord!Be assured of our prayers for a fulfilling ministry in the Church of God! It was quite refreshing for me to see the men from Kimberley in particular in this photograph, who have been so faithful in their vocations to ministry, being made deacons at last.God Bless you for your faithfulness. Good to see photos from my Home town and to see the Historic Church of All Saints in Beaconsfield looking so beautifully restored to its former glory! Soli Deo Gloria!

    1. Hello Matthew the Wayfarer,
      The stole is really old (approx 120 years) and was given to me by the widow of the Dean of Grahamstown in the 1970’s. it was already threadbare and very old then – held together by a prayer!. I use it only for Ordinations, out of respect for its fragile state.
      Glad you liked it; I do too – loverly indeed.
      Southern Africa

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