Germany to Ban Sex with Animals

Germany is about to ban sex with animals, including the ‘pimping’ of farm animals for sex.

Stand Firm:

Like I’ve said, The Episcopal Church has voted to purport to bless the sexual activities of those who have two currently faddish, minority sexual attractions, and ignored others who also hold minority sexual attractions—scores of different minority sexual attractions—which are not so popular.

Read it all over at the Telegraph:

Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner has agreed to change the law to make it illegal for people to “use (animals) for their own sexual activities or sexual acts of third parties” – which also bans the ‘pimping’ of animals to others.

However the move has aroused the ire of zoophile group ZETA.

Lobbyist Michael Kiok, who lives with his dog Cassie, told the newspaper there were more than 100,000 zoophiles in Germany.

“Mere morals have no place in law,” he said.

Mr Kiok said he was worried that if the law took effect the authorities would try to take away his dog.



6 thoughts on “Germany to Ban Sex with Animals

  1. Once again, the Germans are trying to persecute minorities. I think only Mrs. Schori’s personal intervention can save the day.

    1. Release these persecuted Ovines from their concentration camps detention pens! PETA say’s it’s not humane! And we all know how much we should respect PETA!

      1. It’s not humane – even the animals can suffer from the propensity of degenerate human beings. Humankind–created in God’s Image and the Paragon of Earth’s Inhabitants, are called to be hallowed stewards of God’s Creation!

      2. I dislike PETA, as it is a liberal terrorist organization. I do not believe in “Animal Rights” but I do believe in taking care of property.

        Animals can feel pain, but that pain is meaningless, because animals have no souls. So there is no sublimation of such suffering. On the other hand, cruelty is a human issue of ethics and morality and can reflect deeper issues on an individual level or on a massive scale. I don’t mourn the loss of an animal; instead, I mourn any sort of wastefulness that can happen from not utilizing every part of an animal.

        It goes without saying the using animals for sexual pleasure is as deviant as homosexual or other paraphilic behavior. Any support of homosexual deviancy will eventually lead to support of other paraphilic behaviors.

      3. Animals certainly have at least ‘mortal souls’ – so says St. Thomas Aquinas! And because they are Innocent creatures of God and can suffer as well, it is really a ‘sin’ to abuse an animal. Your response is a total disconnect from the reality of God’s Creation and how HE intended it to be–from the very beginning of time. HE made everything ‘out of HIS Love’ and said “It is Good”. God had Adam name each animal and he had a unique relationship with each of them – before ‘sin’ entered in–into that primal ‘garden of Eden’. This symbiotic relationship was lost–after ‘the sin’–and then Adam and Eve not only sought to Dominate and Abuse each other, but the Animals as well.
        St. Francis of Assisi, the preminent Saint of Animals and Nature, understood this to a superlative degree and was given the GIFT to Understand them, Compassion with them, Speak with them and Heal them. Many other Saints were Gifted in this way too, e.g. St. Martin de Porres ( who had ongoing conversations with animals) and St. Bernard of Corleone (who had the Gift of Healing of Animals) and there are many others as well, not so well known.
        It has nothing to do with the “politics of Peta”. It has everything to do with the way God intended all things to be–from the very ‘Beginning of Creation’! In HIS time, God will restore all things to HIMSELF–as it was meant to be: “the Lion shall lay down with the Lamb…” and “there will be no killing on MY Holy Mountain”–says The Lord of Hosts!!

  2. So he’s afraid they will take his dog away? That story about Herod’s ailments might give some people different ideas. Maybe some things should become more common.

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