Irish Archbishop Loses his Crook

News from Ireland:

The Most Reverend Doctor Richard Clarke was striking the West Door of St Patrick’s Cathedral three times as part of the traditional ceremony when his staff snapped in two.

However he took the mishap in good humour and held the broken staff together as he was welcomed into the cathedral to deliver an address.


3 thoughts on “Irish Archbishop Loses his Crook

  1. Did you know that the Catholic Church still considers St Patrick to be its cathedral in Dublin? St Mary is only a pro-cathedral, and that has not changed since the reformation. Perhaps one day the colonial church (C of I) will hand back the buildings to the legitimate owner…

    1. We either take it by force, or outbreed the Protestants.

      My word, looking at some Irish Catholic families here in the U.S., it makes me proud to see how large they are!

      Certainly never gonna happen in a godless, contracepting, aborting, homosexual Ireland.

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