Israeli Embassy: If Jesus and Mary Were Alive Today, They Would Be ‘Lynched in Bethlehem by Hostile Palestinians’



Israel’s diplomatic corps finds itself in hot water after posting an inflammatory message on an official Facebook page. Although the message has now been deleted, this is not the first time Israel has used social media to post controversial views.

The message appeared on the Israel in Ireland Facebook page – which is linked to on the official embassy site – on Monday morning. The post comprised a painting of Mary and Jesus, accompanied by the following caption:

“A thought for Christmas… If Jesus and mother Mary were alive today, they would, as Jews without security, probably end up being lynched in Bethlehem by hostile Palestinians. Just a thought…”

The message sparked immediate heated debate, but was taken down within hours.

“An image of Jesus and Mary with a derogatory comment about Palestinians was posted without the consent of the administrator of the Facebook page. We have removed the post in question immediately. Apologies to anyone who may have been offended,” said an official statement from the Israeli embassy in Dublin.

Since then, the Israel in Ireland page has been shut down altogether, and the link on the official website has been removed…


5 thoughts on “Israeli Embassy: If Jesus and Mary Were Alive Today, They Would Be ‘Lynched in Bethlehem by Hostile Palestinians’

  1. They are alive today and can see the suffering of all people from the cloud of witnesses in Heaven. I think they are offended by the security wall and the occupation, and the oppression of many thousands , especially those Palestinians who are baptized members of their family.Or those jews who have turned to Christ and are actively persecuted.

    They will be praying for both the jewish and Muslim people to come to the full knowledge and salvation in their son.They will be uncomfortable ( as many Orthodox jews )are with the liberalism of the Israeli state as regards homosexuality, abortion etc.


  2. See, THIS IS A TRICK PREMISE: The Israeli embassy believes that Jesus and Mary are dead to begin with. (For Jews, this is generous: some don’t believe they existed at all) Hence they have no real concept of the truth of Christ and all that follows. We believe they are alive in Heaven, and will return at the End of Times.

    Hence, were they to RETURN today, we can reasonably believe that most “moderate” Jews would Ignore them, probably say “Oh, hi, you’re totally not what we’re expecting.” In the case of Orthodox Jews, let’s just say we should expect them to be -spitting- mad.

    It is factual that despite more killings of Christians done by Muslims, they ironically have more respect for both Jesus and Mary than Jews. For a bunch of iconoclasts, they surprisingly go to Marian pilgrimage frequently in sites like in Lebanon, and even understand the importance (and existence) of Jesus AND Mary- not in the same way, as we (Catholic/Orthodox Christians) do- but it’s worth noting that Mary gets many mention in the Koran, and refers to Jesus’ birth to a virgin. They even anticipate the return of Jesus, even though not as God who will Judge the Living and the Dead, but as one of the three offices of Jesus- that of a Prophet.

    I mean, let’s also remember that the majority of Christians in the Holy Land… are ARABS. Most likely PALESTINIAN.

    1. But again, the question simply must come forth: What is a Christian? Someone who is simply ecclesiastically connected, and here especially the so-called High Churches? I would say not necessarily so, for Christianity is always “Christ Jesus”, known, loved & somewhat lived! High Church, Low Church, even Quaker, etc. But certainly again Christ risen (once dead)-ascended! The Church visible & invisible, but always foremost invisible above, on the Throne of Glory…for here is “Christ Jesus” Himself!

      1. Are you baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost?

        I’d think that makes you a Christian, but just an initiate. (I always wonder what to make of those people John the Baptist baptized.) I mean, there are “Christians” who have forgotten their baptismal promises, even though they still have a sort of “mark” that says they are Christian. It’s like being born, but I hesitate to say “born again”- we are born once, our sins are washed through baptism and the sacrament of reconciliation, we live life, then we die. After that, we resurrect at the End of Time.

        Also, I think this is the reason for Chrismation/Confirmation, it’s as if to say that you’ve taken a step into a world of responsibilities within the Church God established. But I haven’t seen any such equivalent with “Low Church” or at least there’s just “symbolic” significance, and not “real” connection, like it isn’t “really” the Holy Spirit- or it isn’t “really” the Body and Blood, etc.

        Anyway, point is, at least in the Catholic Church, you are Catholic before you are Gentile or Jew, English or Japanese, etc. So any remaining distinction ultimately arrives at the same Catholicity everyone shares, provided those distinctions are orthodox. (We certainly don’t want Mesoamerican human sacrifice rituals during Mass, do we?) I don’t know how that’s the same for the ethnocentric Jews, or other national/ethnic churches who have ceased to be Catholic.

  3. Of course we Anglican Evangelical’s see and believe that Baptism is a ‘sign & seal’ of forgiveness & salvation. So “symbol” really does have spiritual meaning and reality!

    “WE say with Augustine that the sacramental symbols are visible words.” – Peter Martyr Vermigli

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