Study Finds One in 6 Follows No Religion

In the New York Times today:

A global study of religious adherence released on Tuesday by the Pew Research Center found that about one of every six people worldwide has no religious affiliation. This makes the “unaffiliated,” as the study calls them, the third-largest group worldwide, with 16 percent of the global population — about equal to Catholics.

The study also found a wide disparity in the median age of religious populations, with Muslims and Hindus the youngest, and Buddhists and Jews the oldest. The median age of the youngest group, Muslims, was 23, while the median for Jews was 36.

Over all, Christians (including Catholics) are the largest religious group, with 2.2 billion people, about 32 percent of the world’s population. They are followed by Muslims, with 1.6 billion, about 23 percent. There are about one billion Hindus, about 15 percent of the global population, and nearly half a billion Buddhists, about 7 percent.

The study, “The Global Religious Landscape,” is a snapshot of the size and distribution of religious groups as of 2010, and does not show trends over time.

“Something that may surprise a lot of people,” said Conrad Hackett, a primary researcher on the report, “is that the third-largest religious group, after Christians and Muslims, is the religiously unaffiliated. There may have been some guesses floating out there before, but this is the first time there are numbers based on survey data analyzed in a rigorous and scientific way.”

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One thought on “Study Finds One in 6 Follows No Religion

  1. One in Five people are Chinese. Coincidence? They’re correlated, because the Communist State is officially atheist but statistics are always changing- for even in the Communist State, there’s -some- semblance of faith, even though those organizations tend to be puppets of the godless. And those who join them are growing- and we don’t even know how many people join the Underground Churches, the frontline for the Church Militant.

    And let’s take into consideration that Buddhism is an inherently atheistic belief system, devoid of a personal creator God, and these ideas have spread like wildfire into the West, combined with atheism promulgated by the likes of Bertrand Russell and Karl Marx.

    Now, we know how things are, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, CHRISTIAN SOLDIER?

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