One thought on “Be Ashamed…

  1. It has also been said: “the devil removes the shame to get us to sin, but returns it after we sin” – “we heard You in the garden but we hid because we were naked”. Then God said: “who told you that you were naked? Caught in the fowler’s snare, the ‘blame-game’ ensued: “the Serpent, he tricked me into eating the fruit” and then, “the Woman, she gave me to eat”; the Serpent was silent, his venomous poison had bloated their Pride – a ‘deadly Silence’–no echo of Repentance. How the FATHER must have wanted and waited–for them to run to HIM–like prodigal children…with some gesture of sadness and Sorrow…some Heart-felt plea–‘no, not he nor she, but ME–it was I who wounded Thee my God–my Father–my Beloved! How different things might have been, yes even ‘after the fall’ and down through the ages, how different things might have been…can be and would be…if only…”we were not ashamed to repent”!

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