Websites:The New Front Door for Every Church

Speaking of technology, this is something we need to accept:

… People don’t use the Yellow Pages to find a church anymore, nor do they glance at the church ads in Saturday’s newspaper. They’re not going to drive around town looking for the most attractive church building, either. Potential guests to your church will most likely Google for churches in their community and check out their websites. If your website is ugly, outdated, neglected or amateurish, discerning church shoppers will likely pass you by before ever setting foot in the real door of your church.

I remain convinced that personal invitation is the best way of attracting new people to your church, whether that invitation is to worship, join a small group, or participate in an outreach project. But even the friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors whom you invite will likely also check out your church’s website…

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2 thoughts on “Websites:The New Front Door for Every Church

  1. No, actually the front door to any church is the people. Study after study has showed that when unchurched people actually start attending a church, it isn’t because of church programming or websites or location or any of that. A vast majority start coming because someone they knew and liked actually took the time to invite them. Christians in the world telling people about God are the front door to any church.

  2. I think we all know that being a welcoming church, celebrating liturgies and services in a dignified and reverent manner, providing for families, having a good catechesis program, and having an active evangelical outlook & activity are important keys to sustaining and growing membership. And having a decent web site is a part of outreach. Churches need to sweat the small details and the laity can really help in this regard.

    I think denominational and diocesan web sites also need to be done very carefully. Is interesting to read what they say about what they believe. One thing you notice with Continuing Anglicans. Go to a site like the ACA web site. Search the main site and the dioceses. See if you can find a clear doctrinal statement. Their dogma. Their official beliefs on important issues. Seems like this is something one often has difficulty finding.

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