Anglican Church in North America College of Bishops Meet

With not even a mention of the Continuing Anglican Churches and their appeal.

The Anglican Church in North America’s College of Bishops dedicated a week to meet together in Orlando, Florida under the leadership of the Most Rev. Robert Duncan, Archbishop and Primate, to worship, pray, take counsel together and do Bible study.

The College was blessed to have a number of special guests, including two dozen of the bishops’ wives. Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali served as Biblical expositor, focusing on Ephesians and how it shapes our ministry to share the transforming love of Jesus Christ in North America.

The College was also honored by the presence and witness of Bishop Azad Marshall of the Anglican Diocese of Iran.  Throughout the week, the Bishops pursued healthy ways of working together that foster greater unity in Christ while honoring the diverse styles and ministries of the dioceses. The College received reports from task forces on a variety of topics…

Virtue has the whole thing. Highlights (for me):

… discuss the arguments, pro and con, related to the ordination of women, considering the relevant Scriptural texts and historical arguments, and reviewing studies conducted within and without the Anglican tradition…

The Ecumenical Relations Task Force

The Ecumenical Relations Task Force, chaired by the Rt. Rev. Ray R. Sutton, reported a number of exciting new developments. In its work with catholic jurisdictions, the Task Force was told by the second highest ranking bishop in the Russian Orthodox Church, the Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, that Orthodox dialogue with the Anglican Communion in North America would be directed through the Anglican Church in North America. In addition, Archbishop Robert Duncan and Bishop Sutton were invited with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, Anglican Primate of Kenya and Chair of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (GAFCON/FCA), to have a public audience in Rome with Pope Benedict XVI on November 28, 2012. The delegation was cordially and graciously received and it was an occasion for good conversation. It is hoped that this visit will foster enhanced relations between Anglicans and Roman Catholics.

On the evangelical side of the kingdom of God, new efforts have begun with Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters. CMJ-USA, whose National Director is the Rev. Canon Daryl Fenton, former Canon to Archbishop Duncan, is partnering with ten ACNA congregations to launch pilot programs for reaching Jewish people with the Gospel. Already Messianic Jewish congregations have begun to meet in several ACNA parishes.

In other work with evangelicals, the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey related how a new ecumenical coalition of confessing Christians has formed, with representatives from Evangelical Presbyterians, Good News Methodists, Lutherans, Anglicans and other evangelical groups…

More here.

Perhaps Bishops Hewett, Grundorf, Marsh, Haverland and Robinson (who has already backtracked on his signing of the ACNA letter) need to get their own act together before dictating to approaching the ACNA?

Nice one for the CMJ.


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