McDonald’s Advert

This McDonald’s (South Africa) advert is new on TV. Forever Young was shot – in part – in our neighbourhood over at the Ouetehuis. It’s not bad and we’ve certainly come a long way…


About Fr Stephen Smuts

TAC Priest in South Africa.
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4 Responses to McDonald’s Advert

  1. John says:

    hi i was wondering whether you knew the artist who sings the song in this ad?

  2. Robert ain Williams says:

    Sadly this is the superficial South Africa, which masks the corruption, the deaths of 3,000 Afrikaner farmers and their kindred, the widespead poverty and appalling crime rate.

    Having said that , it is refreshing to see the reconciliation on a personal level here.You will never eliminate racism before judgement day, but you can have a good try.

    Ons vir jou nuwe Suid Afrika

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