The Narrow Way

Now this is an image I haven’t seen in a while:

It was posted today up at Fr Z’s, where the discussion is martyrdom:

Each of us may be called on to give witness that brings suffering.



13 thoughts on “The Narrow Way

  1. This is a most biblical metaphor, as seen in Matt. 7: 13-14..21-23; with Luke 13: 24-30.

    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” (The Lord Jesus Christ)

    This is perhaps a hyperbole, but a very important one!

    1. This is to be read in a literal sense !! literally speaking the gate is narrow as we see now people are being seduced with the wide gate seducing spirits like Mary who claims be the mother of God in which so many catholics pray to her for salvation !!!! very sad because Jesus alone gives us salvation by shedding His blood once and for all who so ever believe, no other way. We have so many seducing spirits, people don’t read their Bible anymore, they listen to whatever sounds good and fits their lifestyle. Sound doctrine is what people need

      1. MVP, Just wondered, what is your faith commuity? Reformed? Baptist? I’m assuming you’re not RC, EO, or High Church/Anglo-Catholic Anglican. Probably not Lutheran, either

        The Bible makes clear Jesus is the incarnate Son of the Father. And Mary did give birth to Jesus. So Mary is rightly the Theotokos (God-birthgiver). The NT is positive about Mary. See Luke 1: 46-55. The magesterial Reformers tended to hold Mary in high esteem. Both Luther and Bullinger (Reformed) wrote Confessions that talk of her perpetual virginity As Luther put it, Jesus was born of the pure holy virgin Mary.

      2. Its not just that people don’t read their Bible today, many in fact read it too literally, the great need today is that Christians read their Bibles spiritually and certainly theologically! And this surely includes the Creedal, I would always recommend Philip Schaff 3 vol, The Creeds of Christendom.

      3. Btw, let also recommend here, especially for the pastor-teachers, E.W. Bullinger’s book: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, Explained and Illustrated. Walter Kaiser called it, “The best handbook on figures of speech…This book should be on every exegete’s shelf alongside the Greek and Hebrew lexicons and grammars.” I use my copy often!

      4. I agree with you too many people take to much literal in reading the Bible,but this is literal narrow is the path !!! God Bless and keep the Armor of God on

  2. It reminds me of a lovely catechism for children (published in Singapore, I think, or perhaps Taiwan) which had such illustrations, but better still, with tabs to pull so as to cause panels to slide away and others to pop up: in one image, the initial scene was much as shown in the lower half of the picture posted, but only after sliding the tabs was it revealed that the narrow way alone led to Christ, whereas if you took the wide and pleasant road, it led you to (in the words of the priest who showed the book to me) “the DEVIL!!!!”

    1. Yes Michael, I myself hold Mary in high esteem just not too high where people elevate her above or on the same level as God. Just as John the Baptiste who was sent from God to make way the straight and narrow path for Jesus Christ the sacrificial Lamb. God used St. John as He did Mary. And they both played a role as God deemed it so. If God wanted St. John and St. Mary to be anything more than what He deemed, He would have said so in our Bible the Word of God. They both were not mentioned more than what they were deemed to do, and there was good reason for this, because He knew what would come of this,and as you see St. Mary has been elevated even without mention and I believe this is part of the delusion. And I do believe the catholic church is the church of satan, one example is the sign of the cross the satanists use look in the mirror and do the sign of the cross it is up-side-down. The jesuits and the pope belong to satan and anyone who follows in their foot-steps. God Bless and keep the Armor of God on

      1. MVP, What is your faith group? Are you a member of a church? I’m not RC. But I’d encourge you to read their official Catechism (CCC). At least that way you’ll know Mary’s “official” status. I don’t like calling any fellow Christian a member of the devil.

        I thiink you are wrong about the sign of the cross. You might study how EO make it; Western and Eastern Christians make it differently. The magesterial Reformers like Luther made the sign of the cross. Huge numbers of Protestants do today. Being a Christian, I don’t pay any attention to satanists, witchcraft, the occult, paganism, etc. Nor do I worry about what they do or how they think.

      2. MVPappas: As a Roman Catholic, I take great offense at your calling The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church the “church of Satan”! But rather, it is your blasphemous remark that resounds right out of the ‘pits of hell’! Remember, Jesus said that the ONLY unforgivable sin is the ‘sin against the Holy Spirit’ – and certainly attributing the Holy Church founded by Jesus Christ to Satan IS ‘blaspheming against the Holy Spirit”!

        Your remark reminds me of the wicked crowd who attributed Jesus’ works of deliverance and miracles to Satan–‘that HE does these works by the devil’. Jesus replied that “a house divided against itself cannot stand, so why would the devil cast out the devil”!
        The One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church has been on this Earth from the beginning of Christendom, some two-thousand years. It withstands the endless ages of time and the gates of hell have not/will not prevail against it!!!
        The Pharisees put it to Jesus…that ‘Abraham was their Father’. Jesus replied…that ‘if Abraham was truly your Father, you would be doing the works of Abraham and you would KNOW that I AM, but your Father is NOT Abraham’. And so I put it to you, if God is truly your Father and Jesus truly your Lord and Savior, you would KNOW HIS CHURCH also!
        Who then is your Father and what is his church?

      3. I think a way to view things is through the lense of Christ. As Christians, all roads should lead to Christ. Any thing or person or idea that doesn’t lead to Christ or leads us away from Chrirst or keeps us from reaching Christ is to be avoided. Some things ican mpede all Christians. Others are person specific. But we have a hard time knowing what cause our fellow Christian issues in this area. Only God knows our and their relationship with Christ. Ultimately, all we can do is put our trust in the promises of the Gospel and of our Lord and Savior. Thankfully, that includes His Incarnation, His Suffering, His Death on the Cross, His Resurrection, and His Ascencion into Heaven. All for our sake without any merit on our part.

    2. Joshua you are so right !! God Bless and keep the Armor of God on and we must Pray for many lost souls to come to the true and righteous God Jesus Christ our Savior

  3. Perhaps we should read St. Paul’s 2 Cor. 2: 14 through 17 here too in this context! The Christian “fragrance” is “Christ”! “Among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing.” (verse 15) And this is no easy Christ, His Lordship always demands our best or all! But not the “flesh” or “sarx”, i.e. the natural attainments of man (humanity). As Paul notes, the “fleshly mind”, literally ‘the mind of the flesh’. (Col. 2: 18)

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