Lego Accused of Being Anti-Islamic

So what do they do? Well, pull the toy of course:

What do Salman Rushdie and Lego have in common? They’ve both been accuse of ridiculing Islam. But while Rushdie’s crime was to write a book parodying the faith, Lego’s mistake to release a toy model that looks a bit like a building in a Muslim country. Don’t laugh: I’m sure this is how Nazism started.

Lego has announced that it’s pulling its infamous Jabba the Hutt-themed play set and insists that the toy has simply come to the end of its run. But Birol Kilic, head of the Turkish Cultural Association of Austria, is claiming glorious victory after a long campaign that accused Lego of fanning the flames of racism. Kilic says that Hutt’s palace looks eerily similar to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and that because Jabba is a villain this will reinforce negative attitudes towards Muslims…

Oh, please! Rest here.



2 thoughts on “Lego Accused of Being Anti-Islamic

  1. ” looks eerily similar to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul ”
    That might make sense if Jabba had stolen his palace from the Jedi knights to begin with, as the Turks alienated Hagia Sophia from the Christians of Constantinople.

  2. Other than the dome, I don’t see much of a similarity. Perhaps their time could have been devoted to a more worthwhile cause.

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