The Ordinariate Has Finally Arrived

So opts Damien Thompson, who blogs:

There’s plenty of scepticism about the Ordinariate – especially since the careful circulation of a quote attributed to former Cardinal Bergoglio saying he didn’t see the need for it. Well, we shall see. Pope Francis – who would never have encountered Anglicans in the Catholic tradition in Latin America – now finds himself head of the Ordinariate in three continents; his spokesman has said that this will be a permanent structure of the Catholic Church…


One of the treasures of Anglicanism that the Ordinariate can bring to Rome has nothing to do with vestments or prayer books – it’s the tradition of the Anglo-Catholic “slum priests” who carried the Gospel to the darkest alleyways of Jack the Ripper’s London…

The whole piece is here.



4 thoughts on “The Ordinariate Has Finally Arrived

  1. Only time will tell what will become of the Ordinariate? As I have said myself, personally I think “Francis” will be just an intern pope (I hope at least…he’s not my cup of tea), but only God knows? But he sure is a huge contrast to Ratzinger, who I personally again miss, without doubt the first real “theologian” in my life time to sit in the so-called chair of Peter! Life and time is “change”, but GOD In Christ is sovereign & providential!

  2. at least they’ve got a flagship church for their use now–and what a church. we should be thankful to the English hierarchy for their generosity.

  3. There is precious little of the Anglo-Catholic slum priest tradition in the ordinariates. But there is a lot of sartorial preciousness and an unhealthy obsession with “beautiful liturgy” and churches at the expense of an authentically incarnational Catholicism. The only “unity” which the ordinariates appear to have achieved is that of uniting the worst aspects of Anglo-Catholicism with the worst aspects of Roman Catholicism.

    1. Ouch! To my mind, one wonders if there is any real Gospel Kerygma about? I don’t hear much of St. Paul’s public preaching, i.e. the proclamation of Christ & His Cross.. The “Pauline” of Word & Sacrament! The historical Church must re-discover the apostolic Preaching… “this appears to be “the foundation” upon which Paul laid (1 Cor. 3: 10-11), and which he and others built upon! How can we ever tire here?

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