The Anglican Catholic

Clearly understanding (unlike some ecclesiastical blogophobes out there) the full value and tremendous potential of blogs, since having left the Traditional Anglican Communion for the Anglican Catholic Church, Fr Anthony Chadwick has started up a new blog simply entitled: The Anglican Catholic.


From the about page:

This blog is inspired by my previous and present experience of blogging and is intended to be a direct organ of communication of the Church to which I belong as a priest. My personal blog enables me to express myself more freely whilst upholding my promises as a cleric of this Church. This blog is designed to supplement existing organs of information such as the Church’s official websites…

Besides Fr Chadwick, the other contributors presently listed are Deacon Jonathan Munn and Fr Ed Bakker.


6 thoughts on “The Anglican Catholic

  1. Pingback: Fr. Orthohippo
      1. “Nastiness” is what we will receive with many sadly, if we are faithful to Christ and His Gospel/Good News! But the Gospel’s “good news”, is surely not the “worlds” (this age)! But again, much of our distain will come even from many in the historical, visible church, itself.

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