An Irish Ordinariate?

The Australian Ordinariate folk seems to know something the rest of us don’t. On their official website:

If you follow the link however, it leads back to the Personal  Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, which is, of course, in the USA (okay, Mrs Gyapong, Canada too).

I Googled the ‘Irish Ordinariate’ and only really came up with a blog exploring the idea, which hasn’t posted anything since middle 2011.

Even the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham (closest) doesn’t list a group or an exploration group in Ireland.

But then again, Ireland has never been a bastion of Anglo-Catholicism now has it?

Perhaps it’s but a mistake by the webmaster down-under? Or as I said, something only the Aussies are aware of at the moment?

UPDATE I:  After the above post, they have updated the tab to read ‘Irish Ordinariate -Discussion’ which takes the reader to a blog run by a one ‘Fr O’. Wonder how many ‘Fr O’s’ there are in Ireland… Can’t be too many…

UPDATE II:  Fr O with Little by little.


11 thoughts on “An Irish Ordinariate?

  1. Fr Stephen,

    Thanks for your link … & the effort you went to to try and find out what was going on!

    The blog is my personal effort to try and encourage people to think about establishing an Ordinariate in Ireland and to provide a forum for discussion around the subject. Every little helps to get the word out, so thank you for your contribution!

    As you quite rightly point out, there are not a huge number of Anglo-Catholics in Ireland; & a great many of those would be of the ‘liberal catholic’ persuasion for whom the Ordinariate would not be likely to offer much attraction. However, even if there are only a few, it is worth discussing. When two or three are gathered together …

    @Don, I haven’t had any discussions with the UK Ordinariate on the idea you mention, but if I did achieve what you suggest (ie an Irish parish of the UK Ordinariate) I wouldn’t consider that a poor outcome! I have no idea as yet if that would be possible … this project is at an very early stage.

    If all reading this could keep my efforts in their prayers it would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Fr O, perhaps you could write to Fr. Leonard Black, pastor to the ordinariate groups in Scotland, who was in the same situation about 3 years ago: an isolated priest in another episcopal conference than England and Wales, with very few laity ready to make a step toward an ordinariate. Now there are 4 groups and 2 ordinariate priests in Scotland, and Msgr. Newton has entered into agreement with the Scottish Bishops to be the ordinaries of these groups even if they are outside of his canonical territory. I believe such a thing could be possible for Ireland, but perhaps your brethren would dislike the idea to submit to an English ordinary?

      + pax et bonum

      1. That is very interesting information, Don Henri. It is certainly something to keep in mind as things progress. At this point in time it is too soon to say what shape an Irish Ordinariate might take: a completely independent one; a ‘parish’ of the UK one; or even something completely different!

        Thanks for taking an interest … don’t hesitate to contact me, either through my blog or through the email address listed there, should further ideas occur.


      2. Presumably, the option of joining the North American ordinariate would be equally possible canonically; and if the ministry were to be aided by an avoidance of entanglement with the English group, perhaps that could be explored.

        On the other hand, England might be better, inasmuch as the Ordinariates in general represent are a unique step in the healing the divisions wrought be the English Reformation; and to have a single Ordinariate for the both Britain and Ireland would signify a desire to extend that healing the particular historical wounds between England and Ireland.

    1. Dear Father,

      could you give us any information about the Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai? Are there any plan to join the Australian Ordinariate for instance?
      Thank you very much,


  2. Bishop Kajiwara, former Anglican bishop of Yokohama and current head of the Nippon Kirisuto SeiKoukai or NKSKK (A.K.A. the Traditional Anglican Church in Japan) has been in contact with the Very Rev Harry Entwistle in Australia who is aware of the aspirations of the NKSKK to be a part of the Ordinariate and has sent words of encouragement.

    Bishop Kajiwara has also been in communication with Catholic Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada in Tokyo to keep him informed of the situation as well. Apparently there are obstacles, including the opposition of an Anglican bishop in Japan.

    So the hopes of the NKSKK to be part of the Ordinariate or even a “mini-Ordinariate” in Japan are on hold. BTW last year all references and links to the Traditional Anglican Communion were removed from the NKSKK web site.

    1. Dear Russell S,

      Thank you very much for the VERY useful information you gave all of us. I will keep my fingers crossed, and I will pray for the people of the NSKKK and Bishop Kajiwara. It is admiring to witness such a commitment to the message of the Anglicaronum Coetibus, despite all the difficulties they are and will be facing.
      Thank you very much once again.

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