Khama and the Cat Claw


This rather well written news snippet caught my attention earlier. Botswana is one of our northern neighbours:

Peaceful, prosperous and lightly populated Botswana rarely makes the international news—unless its president gets clawed in the face by a cheetah. Officials in the African nation say Ian Khama needed two stitches to his nose after the “overexcited” animal kept at an army barracks jumped up and clawed him when he was just outside the animal’s enclosure. It was “a freak accident, not an attack,” a spokesman for the president tells the AP, adding that it all happened very fast.

This is Africa.

I see some overseas news agencies are calling the incident a ‘mauling’. Hardly. More like the Lieutenant General getting the cat claw!

Still ouch I’m sure!

And just for the record here, cheetahs are generally the most tolerant of humans out of all the large cats species… and of course, the fastest… very fast…


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