Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai

Perhaps someone would be able to answer the following question, received from a reader after an appeal by Fr J.P.Y. on the blog today?

… could you give us any information about the Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai? Are there any plan to join the Australian Ordinariate for instance?


I suspect the Ordinary of the Australian Ordinariate, the Very Rev Harry Entwistle, however would be the best person to ask (and answer). Zenit (Jan 2011):

The new ordinariate will include a group of former Anglicans in Japan who are led by a retired prelate.

Or perhaps Fr Lawrence Wheeler, come to think of it?

So was the Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai not once (or still) part of the The Traditional Anglican Communion in Japan?

Well, I had to go back into the mouldy archives (also 2011) of (the now defunct) The Anglo-Catholic blog to jolt the memory. (Go down to the comments section.) But still, I’m none the wiser… 


5 thoughts on “Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai

  1. Dear Father Marriott and Father Smuts,

    Thanks for your attention and your reply and the link. I was actually aware of the Nippon Kirisuto Seikoukai in itself. I was, and am, just very curious to hear if there are any actual plans for the future. The ‘Australian option’ seems the most likely also to me. Maybe the Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross might even take charge of the one Anglican Use parish I know (are there any more btw?) in the Philippines. Any ideas? Maybe Fr.J.P.Y or even Monsignor (who once used to read this blog, if I am not wrong) might help us out! In alternative what about the good people in Guam?

  2. I posted this comment on the page with the original inquiry, and I’ll post it here again and add information to it so it won’t be totally redundant:

    Bishop Kajiwara, former Anglican bishop of Yokohama and current head of the Nippon Kirisuto SeiKoukai or NKSKK (A.K.A. the Traditional Anglican Church in Japan) has been in contact with the Very Rev Harry Entwistle in Australia who is aware of the aspirations of the NKSKK to be a part of the Ordinariate and has sent words of encouragement.

    Bishop Kajiwara has also been in communication with Catholic Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada in Tokyo to keep him informed of the situation as well. Apparently there are obstacles, including the opposition of an Anglican bishop in Japan.

    So the hopes of the NKSKK to be part of the Ordinariate or even a “mini-Ordinariate” in Japan are on hold. BTW last year all references and links to the Traditional Anglican Communion were removed from the NKSKK web site after the radical changes took place in TAC. I am the guy who created and updates the web site, following the directions of Bishop Kajiwara. Most of the articles are in Japanese, but many have been translated into English by Fr. Wheeler (who is amazingly bilingual).

    The NKSKK meets twice a year, once in Autumn and once in February. The meetings usually are usually attended by four or five priests from throughout Japan and a few laity. I was an official member of the NKSKK while I was a member of the Anglican Church in Japan (Nippon Seikoukai or NSKK) and now I suppose I’m an unofficial member and ardent supporter since I joined the Catholic Church.

  3. I’m not sure of how this is possible under the current norms, but what seems necessary is some mechanism for the established Ordinariates to conduct ministry outside their canonical territory.

    If the permission of the Ordinary is all that is needed, perhaps an equivalent of an Anglican-use parish could be established, with local priests incardinated in the overseas Ordinariate; or, indeed, supplied by the Ordinariate. The witness of a truly catholic anglicanism should not be confined to those territories that can (initially) support an Ordinariate.

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