Priest who Saved Souls on Titanic

Father Thomas Byles

(Leamington Courier) Sir Frank Whittle was just one of the interesting characters who went   to school at Binswood Hall, currently being transformed into an Audley  retirement village.
Former pupils of Leamington College included a priest, Father Thomas Rousell Davids Byles (1870-1912). Father  Thomas read maths, modern history and theology at Oxford University and  then trained as a Catholic priest. When his younger brother who was  living in America asked him to officiate at his wedding ceremony he  jumped at the chance and made arrangements to travel to New York.

He  was scheduled to travel on another White Star liner, but switched at  the last minute to the Titanic. He is widely reported as having held a  mass prayer for passengers aboard the ship as it went down, offering  solace to passengers, hearing confessions and giving absolution…

Link:  Priest who saved souls on Titanic




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