Bishop Sues Blogger

Virtue Online:

The ultra-liberal Anglican Bishop of Niagara, the Rt. Rev. Michael Bird has sued an orthodox Anglican blogger, a layman, alleging that he was libeled 31 times on Anglican Samizdat, a blog by David Jenkins that presents facts and pokes satirical fun at liberal Anglican leaders who depart from “the faith once for all delivered to the saints.”

The Bishop of Niagara was one of his targets.

The claim seeks:

* $400,000 in damages plus court and legal costs.
* An interim and permanent injunction to shut down Anglican Samizdat.
* An interim and permanent injunction prohibiting Jenkins from publishing further comments about Michael Bird…

Read the whole report here.

And from the conclusion:

It is very funny, our political realm is full of daily insults from one politician to another, but no one sues, nor would they get away with it. It is considered debate. It seems that some high-level Anglicans believe in the god of relativism, until their own dear little noses are out of joint. Then, instead of examining their conscience, they call in a litigation professional. How Christ-like. Do you think Jesus would have sued Pontius Pilate, given the chance? Can anyone take seriously ever again the much-ballyhooed “dialoguing” of the ACofC? When put to the test by its own authors, it crumbles sadly.

The Anglican Samizdat (which I have on occasion linked to before) is here.


6 thoughts on “Bishop Sues Blogger

  1. It is quite amazing to see how much hate appears in the so-called Christian Community! I was just mentioning on another blog, the friendship and respect between the Scots Calvinist Alexander Whyte (a great preacher!), and the Roman Catholic Cardinal John Henry Newman. And though they surely did not agree much theologically, they were certain friends and wrote personal letters to each other! But this was in the 19th century, and not our 21st century time of full postmodernity.

    Myself, as the Anglican Protestant evangelical here, on this blog, I hope I have some aspect of friendliness with my Anglican Anglo-Catholic and Ordinariate people, as too Roman Catholics who come here! I know Fr. Stephen Smuts and I are friends certainly! 🙂

  2. The correct description for Michael Bird – note I do not refer to him as bishop – is apostate. The term “liberal” simply does not state the depth he and other so-called bishops including the primate have descended into the pit of apostasy. Indeed they can win in the civil courts as these courts have no regard for the Gospel. In the civilian world an employee would be dismissed from his/her employment for far less and so-called bishops like Michael Bird should have defrocked long ago.

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