Ad Clerum 4.13

By our Bishop, Michael Gill. He was present in the United States all the way from Africa for the recent Consecrations of two new Anglican Church of America Bishops! There is a report in his Ad Clerum.

There is also much news on our Church here and the steady progress being made. God is before us! He is blessing.

Get it in pdf. Ad Clerum 4.13


8 thoughts on “Ad Clerum 4.13

  1. Seriously, is it really God or just marketing ie worshipping Mammon that is before us?

  2. MANY YEARS to the new Bishops! [snip] Yes, some Anglican groups have been able to get themselves together and build beautiful but humble edifices. It’s not the size but the People of GOD doing the LORD’s will.

  3. Dear Father Stephen et al,
    The Ad Clerum makes interesting reading , although I am not entirely sure that a blog is the place for it, it remains a communication between the Bishop of a Diocese and his Priests. But then as a whole there is very little dynamic news forthcoming from the TAC and the main website of the TAC is quite disappointing. We all know that the TAC received a big knock through the Hepworth affair and I find it quite disturbing that someone now mistrusts Bishop Brian Marsh. Perhaps the TAC needs to look at putting a more dynamic Bishop at the helm of the whole Church, who knows.

    There is also something that struck me. Our Archbishop Mark Harverland has been driving for the various Anglican breakaway Churches to form one body , and the other day I saw a communication from the TAC asking other Anglican Bodies to join them? Contact Bishop Michael Gill for more information.

    The ACCA ( TAC) seems to be a secret society, people that were once fellow clergy of mine don’t have the decency to speak to me. Developments in the ACCA… I hear them via, via, via right from the other end of the world. I am keeping my mouth shut though.

    If we as Anglican Catholic Christians are incapable of loving one another as per the commandment of Lord, our work is all in vain.

    Father Ed Bakker ACC/OP

  4. The ACCA is in the process of rebuilding. Father Bakker with others will be aware that the ACCA has suffered most as a result of the regime of the former TAC Primate. The Ordinary of the Ordinariate of the Southern Cross has also created difficulties for the ACCA. Please be assured that God will restore the ACCA to where He wants it to be. There is much to be done, but we placeour trust in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The TAC also is rebuilding and is continuing to maintain the faith and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.
    Father Bakker, you may discover that some of the former ACCA clergy now belong to another denomination. Perhaps you should make an extra effort to contact them if it is important to you.

    Bell Tower

  5. Dear Bell Tower,
    I have never written to s bell tower before, but
    Here goes. I am aware of everything
    You are telling me and I do know former
    ACCA clergy who moved on.
    I am bitterly disappointed about
    The attitude of two present clergy in view
    Of years of association with them. Anyway
    They are off to the Ordinariate.
    Initially I showed some good will
    Towards returning to the ACCA but
    Was crushed.A shock to me.


    Fr Ed Bakker

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