South African ID

A lady named Aviance Anmerí du Plessis applied for her South African ID. She has a dash on the i of Anmerí. When she filled in the ID form, she put in Anmerí and then wrote in Afrikaans  ”let op na die strepie op i” (or “take note of the dash on the i”). Her id book arrived safe and sound:

HTHelga Van Niekerk



3 thoughts on “South African ID

  1. You have “SHOW ME” id’s (“FRINGE” TV Series) in South Africa? Cool. Are they all purpose like combined driver’s licence, insurance, travel papers, medical history, etc.? It just struck me that way.

  2. Well over half the population of the Western Cape are Afrikaans speaking, and this shows how Afrikaans is being side lined in a reverse revenge type of discrimination. Afrikaans is a beautiful expressive language and is spoken as a first language by 7 million South Africans of all races.
    The Order of the Catholic Mass is available in Afrikaans.

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