3 thoughts on “What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

  1. As a psychologist, I’ve been professionally interested in the effects of data overload on the human brain pretty much since the internet entered the realm of the general conscious. The effects of data overload on our capacity for critical thinking are really quite alarming, and they include neurological changes (ie physical changes to the brain). The problem has been around since before the internet, even before computers, but there is no denying that the march of technology has exacerbated the situation.

    When I was in full-time work, I used to enjoy am-dram and singing as a way of relaxing and allowing my creative abilities to get a little exercise. Now I am almost completely retired (I have no intention of stopping work entirely, until I am forced to do so by reasons of health) I find that I relax too much, and need to stimulate other areas of my brain.

    I had more to say, but I’ve just been distracted by a cat video, so I’ll just conclude by asking: what does everyone else do to relax?

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