Anglican Archbishop Accused of Bullying

Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall, who is the Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane and the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia.

Lawyers for the Archbishop and the synod of Brisbane diocese have failed to get key elements of the sexual harassment and discrimination case thrown out of Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal…

His accuser says:

the Archbishop isolated her, failed to respond to her emails, declined to discuss important issues and was “bullying, condescending and interrogating”…

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2 thoughts on “Anglican Archbishop Accused of Bullying

  1. Good to see accountability is being made when far too many in prestigeous power positions have traditionally got away with far too much. I wonder how much of our Anglican Australian Primate’s behaviours of silence & social exclusion is mostly due to legalistic advice v Christianity?

    1. Given that the dispute before the Tribunal appears (between the lines) to be a workplace dispute (don’t know what you think it is, but I expect you jumped to a different conclusion), and given that the wide range of behaviours under the ‘bullying’ head are contrary to the law relating to workplace health and safety and prohibited discrimination, I’d like to know what sort of ‘legalistic advice’ you are referring to. It’s not ethical (make that not legal) for a lawyer to advise a client to do something contrary to law.

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