Katharine Jefferts Schori: Diversity, Not Jesus, Saves

The Presiding heretic:

The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church has denounced the Apostle Paul as mean-spirited and bigoted for having released a slave girl from demonic bondage as reported in Acts 16:16-34 .

In her sermon delivered at All Saints Church in Curaçao in the diocese of Venezuela, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori condemned those who did not share her views as enemies of the Holy Spirit.

The presiding bishop opened her remarks with an observation on the Dutch slave past. “The history of this place tells some tragic stories about the inability of some to see the beauty in other skin colors or the treasure of cultures they didn’t value or understand,” she said.

She continued stating: “Human beings have a long history of discounting and devaluing difference, finding it offensive or even evil.  That kind of blindness is what leads to oppression, slavery, and often, war.  Yet there remains a holier impulse in human life toward freedom, dignity, and the full flourishing of those who have been kept apart or on the margins of human communities.”

Read it all in Anglican Ink.


4 thoughts on “Katharine Jefferts Schori: Diversity, Not Jesus, Saves

  1. Someone posted on my facebook story of this that her previous writings went against this sort of “exegesis.” Blah. No wonder the EC is failing badly.

  2. I’m utterly stunned by what the PB says! She is unmistakably, unequivocally a heretic! Anybody unable to see this is as blind as can be. This is truly as bad as it gets! I am so sad for ECUSA. Somebody please take the necessary steps to defrock her!

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