A Church with a Future

(or, Why There’s Nobody Under 30 in Your Church and What to Do About It).

Virtue Online:

Much has been made of the Millennial generation (today’s twenty-somethings) with regard to its religious affiliation…or lack thereof. Depending on which study you consider, as many as 82% of people under 30 don’t attend church regularly. One famous statistic claims that 75% of young people today lose their faith in college. Certainly, if you visit a mainline church you won’t see many young adults in the pews. And the megachurches appear to have gutted Christianity in their frantic effort to make it appeal to young people…

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2 thoughts on “A Church with a Future

  1. WIFM, what’s in it for me? Paedophile Priest scandals, homophobia, why would a lot of 20somethings be bothered with God botherers? The hellfire & brimestone Puritanical uses, abuses the so called Christian Church has been put to once it took over the Ancient Roman Empire, it became deadly. Pope Alexander II entertained the illegitimate Duke of Normandy’s Embassy so what makes an illegitmate Duke of Normandy, legitimate, Papal Defender of the Faith, Supreme Governor of the Church of England, Elizabeth II Regina, Queen of Australia, King William V? There are some fundamental Founding Documents, legal fictions, frauds, farces that need serious considerations, community conversations in this twisted twin tale of two or several Sovereignties since 1066 at least …

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